Brewer, Maine: a small town full of close friends, drama, and cold beer served at Kosta's.

1. "You goin' to Kosta's?"

2. "Cha Beat"

Translation: your buddy got too drunk.

3. "Holyyyy"

Meaning: "Wow!" "Oh my god" or "That's crazy.

4. "How the hell are ya bub?"

5. "She Gone!"

6. *Refers to girlfriend as* "The ol' lady"

7. "Anyone wanna do Sunday Funday at Brewsters?!"

8. *Every Kosta's regular*: "When do I get my $10 off?!"

9. "Friggin' send her"

(Referring to a truck, car, snowmobile... anything that runs, really).

10. "Is it talls for smalls yet?"

Another question asked at Kosta's.

11. "She's not much, but she'll do."

Referring to their girlfriend 9 times out of 10.

12. "You're more than just a pretty face, aren't ya?"

13. "There ya go."

Offering words of encouragement, or sarcasm when your friend messes up.