After 19 years living with half a heart, I've started to realize how tough it can be sometimes.

For the most part, life is great, and I love my scar.

But, I tend to:

walk far behind my friends because I can't keep up with them.

Whether I'm walking across campus just trying to get to the dining hall, or I'm on my way back from class with a few people. Thoughts like, "wow, they're walking really fast" or, "Why are they running?"' go through my head. Then, you I begin getting out of breath, and as soon as I reach a flight of stairs, my day worsens. Although, If you have good enough friends like me, there will always be one person in the group that's willing to walk at your pace and dodge the hills and stair with you.

I am:

the one who gets VERY sick.

I caught a cold right after I had the stomach bug. It seems that my immune system can't handle the college germs, that's when having half a heart really takes a toll on you.

the one that has to remember heart medicines.

It gets really tough when I'm running late to class. And even tougher when I decide to sleep in later on the weekends- I'm forced to get up and take the meds.

Worse, pulling all-nighters is almost impossible.

This is not a sob story, it's just how I live my life in college with half of a heart.