What my new member period taught me

Being a new member in a sorority is an experience I will never forget. Today, I was finally initiated into Kappa Delta. I have worked hard the past six weeks to get to this day. However, through it all, I had an absolute blast.

Being a new member of Kappa Delta taught me what sororities (at least on a small campus) are really like. Prior to joining a sorority, I had the belief that sorority girls were all the same, stuck up, pretty faces that you would see on TV or in a movie. False. The sorority girls at my college are wonderful, passionate, inspiring young women, who are selfless and loving to everyone; especially their sisters.

On the first day of recruitment week, we went to all three sorority houses on campus. The last house I was assigned to go to was Kappa Delta. As soon as I stepped through that threshold, I knew I was meant to be a KD. They welcomed me into their house with open arms, giving me so much information about their philanthropies, which touched my heart greatly. During each night of recruitment, I was almost brought to tears when I was talking to a Kappa Delta sister.

On bid day, I ran home to Kappa Delta, with my heart beating fast and my smile bigger than ever. I remember spending the entire day with my new sisters. Then, it hit me all at once.

I was born to be a sorority girl, and I didn't even know it.

During my new member period at Kappa Delta, the sisters taught me how to act classy and represent myself in a positive light, but also what it meant to represent a big organization that had been around for years. They taught me how to be loving and accepting of everyone, no matter what. They made me open up to every single girl in Kappa Delta, and they changed my life in just a few short weeks. They also taught me to go out and have a good time, but never forget to keep it classy.

Now that I am officially and initiated member of Kappa Delta sorority, I am super excited to see where Kappa Delta leads me. I have learned from the sisters that I am destined to do great things for my sorority. I loved getting to learn everything about KD, and I can't wait to see what all KD has to offer. If anyone is wondering if they should join a sorority or not, I highly recommend that you do it. It will change your life.

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