6 Things You'll Realize After High School
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6 Things You'll Realize After High School

The real world is not what it's all cracked up to be and the first year out of high school proves just that.

6 Things You'll Realize After High School

You count down the days till you can get out of that place, but when the time actually comes and that last bell rings, a little piece of you is left behind. Graduating high school is a huge milestone in every adolescent's life. However, those nine periods of dreadful classes that dragged on did not teach me what the real world would be like.

1. What are taxes and why the heck does money disappear from every pay check?

Okay, whoa! I worked five, eight hour shifts. Where did all my money go? Taxes are the devil and thank God for high school because there definitely was not a class that taught us any of this!

2. Wait, so you mean I can't depend on my parents anymore?

Say goodbye to allowance money and say hello to, "I can't, I'm broke." Yup, being in college and maintaining a decent GPA and somehow working to earn yourself money sucks. You're an adult now. You can't cry to mommy for help.

3. Half the people you considered your friends already forgot your name.

All the fights, lies and rumors you got yourself into for these girls was all for nothing. Boy, is it true when they say you'll only keep a handful of friends outside of high school. Maybe in five years you guys can rekindle your friendship through a Facebook friend request.

4. Money is way more valuable in college.

You could go a week with an empty fridge because pay day isn't till next Friday. Hanging out with your friends turns into sitting on the same bed staring at the same phone every weekend because you all are broke. You most likely are not going to buy that new Chanel foundation, so the Covergirl one is going to have to do. In college, there's no such thing as disposable income.

5. You now are independent and have to do things by yourself.

Yes, I'm talking about things like doctor appointments and grocery shopping. You'll learn what a co-pay is and hate it because that's $25 you do not have. You'll also become a pro at bargain shopping and two-for-one deals.

6. The small things don't matter anymore.

Who Johnny is dating or who hooked up at last night's party no longer is on your radar. At the time, they seemed like the only thing that was important. However, you have better things to worry about like bills and not failing out of college!

Although high school was four great years, being one year out somehow beats those four years. You learn about yourself and what really matters in your life. You establish those solid friendships, and find yourself becoming a more mature and respectable young adult. Your dreams and goals become more specific and precise. You are beginning to figure out who you are in this world. So I give a huge shout out to everyone who made it through those grueling yet amazing four years and are actually functioning parts of today's society.

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