10 Things Every Incoming Senior Needs To Know
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10 Things Every Incoming Senior Needs To Know

Now that I've graduated, let me give you some advice.

10 Things Every Incoming Senior Needs To Know
Joseph Bryant

At this time last year, I held my Senior year schedule in my hand, with a head full of what I thought I knew and a heart filled with excitement and anticipation. I could hardly wait to enter my last year of high school and experience what only Seniors could understand. Senior is heralded as the final year before real life hits and we meet reality face to face. I challenge all rising seniors (and high schoolers, in general) to truly make the most of their experience this school year. Below I listed some advice that seems to go unmentioned:

1) Some, if not most, of your friends will not last all four years of high school. Make the most of the time you have with them.

It is sad, but true, that friends move on. Instead of regretting the inevitable, laugh about all the fun times you had and the memories you made. Enjoy the time you have with your companions before you all go separate ways.

2) Befriend teachers. They know a little more than you do.

Not only have teachers already survived high school, but they survived college, too. They care about you, have your best interest at heart, and want to see you thrive as an adult. And believe it or not, they are lots of fun to be around.

3) If you want to say it, say it now.

Whether it is a funny memory you shared with a classmate from kindergarten or a piece of wisdom you wish to impart to a friend, share it now, while you still have them. The person you sat beside every day in French may never cross paths with you again. The faces you see daily will one day become strangers, so “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

4) It is okay to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Ask questions and utilize every opportunity. I explored multiple career options in high school and I changed my mind numerous times. Use your time in high school as an exploratory period and strive to discover your passion.

5) Impart your wisdom to an underclassman.

Befriend someone younger and share with them what you wish you knew in their stage of life. Save them from the mistakes you made, and most of all, leave behind a legacy.

6) There is more in store. The whole world is waiting!

There is so much more out there. Contrary to the popular myth, your high school years are not the best days of your life. Adventure awaits, and more is to come, so use this time to prepare for the great things ahead.

7) Never leave a dream untried.

Notice I said “untried,” not “unaccomplished.” Not all of your preconceived notions about your high school experience will come true. Even so, strive to make your childhood expectations of high school a reality. Whether it be trying a new sport or running for class president, go for it. This moment will not last forever.

8) Use your time wisely and never wish the days away.

Senior year matters. Stay ahead of the clock so deadlines do not sneak up on you. Apply for scholarships, complete college applications, and squeeze in one last try at the SAT before time runs out. You may have your eyes fixed on graduation, but be sure to enjoy your time as a high school student while it lasts.

9) Remember the ones who love you most.

In the busyness of life, never forget about the ones who made you who you are today. They want to walk beside you in the mountaintop moments and see you through the trying times. Be sure to thank them for all they do. They will forever be your #1 fan.

10) You will never recognize this place again.

When you return to your alma mater, expecting to take a walk down memory lane, everything will feel different. The hallways that were once familiar will seem foreign. All the positions you once held are all taken and every face looks like a memory from a photograph. You will never have the chance to relive your high school days, so seize the day. This hour is yours.

Have a high school experience that you will not regret in the future. Make the most of your journey and refuse to watch life pass from the sidelines. In the blink of an eye, the Friday night football games and spirit-filled pep rallies will hide within the pages of a yearbook. Fill your senior year with so much life that your alma mater cannot help but remember you. Keep your eyes on the prize and pay attention to the ones running beside you. Before you realize it, you will look back and see that graduation was only the beginning.

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