Having a friend who lives or goes to school in a different state than you can be really tough. It can definitely suck at times, but you know your best friend still has your back no matter what. When you first move away from each other, it's extremely nerve-racking. You do not know what is going to happen in the future, but you are still there for them and cheering them on from miles away.

1. Anxiety For The Future

Realizing your best friend is now starting a new life in a new city is nerve-racking. Not only are you anxious about your friendship, but you are also anxious because they are starting a new life somewhere else. They have to start over at a new school, meet new friends, and worst of all, they aren't going to be there every Saturday for early morning donut runs and spending a whole day watching "Spongebob Squarepants."

2. Not Texting Every Day

Even though you miss your best friend dearly, they will not be texting you every day. It's perfectly normal to talk to them less than you would if they were with you. This is what usually happens when your friend moves away. They miss you as much as you miss them.

3. Skype/FaceTime Dates

Setting aside time to spend with your far away best friend is crucial. It may not happen often, but when it does, theres a few hours cleared on your calendar specifically for Skyping or FaceTiming your bestie.

4. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter Messaging All The Time

Every time you see something that reminds you of your friend, you message them. It may be hard texting your friend because they could be out of the country, so Messanger becomes your second best friend.

5. Fear Of Missing Out Is Real

Seeing pictures on Instagram of you and your other best friends together make your friend sad. Seeing your best friend with their new friends make you sad. You get that little touch of jealously when you see these pictures of your friend, and this only makes you miss them more.

6. They're Cheering You On From 4,255 Miles Away, And Vise Versa

Whenever you see a Facebook post from your BFF's family celebrating their current accomplishments, you get excited and happy for them just as if they were sitting next to you telling you what happened.

7. Writing Letters Can Become A Thing

When your BFF lives across the world from you, it pays (literally) to text them all the time. Receiving letters from your bestie is a fun and sweet way to let you know they're thinking of you.

8. Time Differences

It's often that when your best friend moves away, she moves to a place that has a different time zone than you. Texting, messaging, Facebook posts, etc., take forever for you and your best friend to communicate, but it works out better than calling them. Time zones really suck, but spread-out messages to and from your BFF make life so much more easier than never talking at all.

9. Saving Up For A Plane Ticket

Ranging from $100 to $2,000, plane tickets to visit your best friend can be pricey. Saving up to see your best friend may take a while depending on how far away they are, but once you purchase the ticket, there is nothing stopping you from seeing your best friend again.

10. Having So Much To Tell Them

So much happens in a short period of time when you're not around your BFF. When you're finally together, you have so much to tell them about everything that has happened that you don't know where to start.

11. Realizing Nothing Has Changed

When you and your best friend are finally reunited its like nothing has changed at all. The two of you act like they never really moved away, and you scream Disney Pandora at the top of your lungs like before. You now realize your anxiety about if your friendship would last was nothing to be worried about. Your best friend and you can survive anything.

So, yeah, being without your best friend can really suck at times, but when you're reunited with them, life seems pretty fantastic. Always remember that you will have your best friend when you really need them, and they miss you just as much as you miss them even though you don't text every day.