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What is your dream?

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What is your dream?

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to an incredible motivational speaker, Ed Gerety. As a college student, I've already listened to a few speakers, but Mr. Gerety has by far been the most engaging, intriguing, and MOTIVATING. He has been coming to Bentley University for many years and has spoken to more than 2 million students across the United States. He spoke of dreams, optimism and engagement.

We all have dreams so why do only a few of us achieve our big dreams?

Many of us can say and act like we have a positive attitude, but it's useless unless we do something with it. You can say you're going to make the most of you're college experience, but if you don't get involved, meet new people, take your academics seriously, and never go outside you're comfort zone you're not doing making the most of it. This is where Gerety states you have to be engaged and engaging to make things happen, and he is a great example, he held my full attention throughout the entire presentation.

An important point he brings up is technology. I don't know about your friends, but mine are usually looking down at their phones. Whether their on twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat or texting it is damaging our society. Its difficult to develop deep personal relationships, if the majority of the time you're with people who are paying more attention to their phone.

Think about it. How often are you on you're phone at lunch or dinner when you could be engaging with the people around you. When you're walking through campus, halls, or just down the street are you looking down at your phone? For me, and for most of you the answer to these questions is probably yes.

Sitting in the audience, I watched Gerety perform an eyeopening experiment with about 20 students on stage. First, the group was asked to wander around stage without making eye contact with anyone. Students either walked around looking straight up at the ceiling or looking down at their feet. Their body language prevented them from engaging with each other, and hardly anyone smiled.

Secondly, he asked the group to make contact for two seconds with everyone they passed. This one change in their body language caused many of them to smile, shake hands and even laugh together. Lesson learned, we need to pick our heads up, and put away our cell phones to create an engaging, thriving community.

Gerety went on to say many of us have dreams, but they get knocked down by others. We all know someone or a few people who just have negative mindsets and are no fun to be around. Yet, many of us still find ourselves around them or their attitude dampening our own. This is why it is so important to choose you're friend group wisely. A wise professor of mine once told me you are made up of you're five closest friends. You are who you surround yourself with so, surround yourself with positive, supportive, encouraging, kind people. Ignore those who are negative, Ed Gerety will have you say, "Thank you for sharing," and stay clear of them. Simple as that, you just have to do it.

These skills tie into you're dreams. Again, a few volunteers were chosen from the audience to go on stage and share their dreams with all of us. Three brave students walked on stage and said, I want to be a musician, I want to be a corporate lawyer, and I want to be president. What happened next was thrilling to watch. Gerety asked these students question after question until they had formulated a detailed, confident statement of what they WILL achieve. A young lady lit up as she exclaimed "I WILL be a corporate lawyer, in Manhattan, and I will own my own firm one day." The details in the statements helped them believe in their dream.

Mr. Gerety also explained the power of dream boards. Dream boards are filled with what you strive to achieve. Its covered in pictures of your dream job, goals, words and values that are important to you. It's a reminder of what you're working towards, and when you're looking at it everyday you greatly increase your chances of achieving those things.

So after listening to Ed Gerety, what am I going to do? What should you do?

I will create a dream board. I will be involved in the Bentley community, and I will walk around with my head up.

But, whats the key to all these statements and your statements. Getting up and actually taking action with those statements. Create that dream board, so you always have that reminder to work hard and be involved. A dream board will help you stay motivated.

Thanks again Ed Gerety! It was a pleasure to listen to you.

And, Good luck to my fellow Falcons and college students across the world as we start the Fall 2016 semester.

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