How To Beat The 13 Manipulative Tactics Schools Use Against Students
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How To Beat The 13 Manipulative Tactics Schools Use Against Students

(Calling ALL Students)

How To Beat The 13 Manipulative Tactics Schools Use Against Students

The schooling system does to us what a pimp does…

It slaps us in the face for 15+ years of our life, makes us think we need it, and counts our hard earned money while doing it.

Not only this, but wouldn’t you agree that machines should be efficiently working 9-5 jobs and being forced to regurgitate useless information, while us, HUMAN BEINGS should be enthusiastically pursuing our passions?

The great thing about being strong enough to accept these hard, unfiltered, yet empowering truths, is that it enables you to create your own lifestyle and build something even better because of it.

Not only this, but it shows something very important about our own character if we’re willing to face what others won’t dare to.

True Success, Education, and Freedom Is Beyond The Mountain of Unpleasant Truths

When we stop striving to avoid hidden distractions, remain blind to our weaknesses, and no longer try to understand what's limiting our full potential, it makes us unable to correct these limitations until and only until we choose to see the truth of who we really are and what we allow to hold us back.

One unpleasant truth us students must face and need to overcome is to actively realize that since birth,

society has convinced us that partaking in its games, such as going to school for 15+ years of our life (to ultimately not learn anything near what it takes to be successful, mentioned later) and also, to efficiently partake in the industrialized job industry that no longer secures income or employment is something we should do the rest of our lives... But,

The Rat Race Doesn’t Lead Us To Where We’re Destined To Be

In other words, the "rat race" is portrayed and promoted by society as the only path we should live that can bring us health, security, and financial freedom...

The Schooling System makes us think that school offers true education, but it’s clear that school didn’t teach us essential life skills, how to succeed, how to make money, how to be fulfilled, financially free, how to invest in valuable assets, or how to even market our own personal value to people that can benefit from our service; in reality, schools actually take us further and further away from what a real education actually is.

We the people deserve better than these lies and it’s time to be real with ourselves if we are to get to where we want to be in life, and stay there.

Before we go on, this may be hard to hear, but many people are used to instant gratification because many students have been trained to have short attention spans by having to regurgitate pointless information.

It's proven and widely experienced that MANY students leave the schooling system with diminished creativity, drive, and ability to think freely and uniquely. Using this example as a hint, the key to success in beating the system will be mentioned in a little bit).

So, from here on out, and since you’re still a free thinker, you’re about to have a choice to choose the red pill or the blue pill so to speak.

You’re about to learn the 13 in-plain-sight secret tactics the system uses to control, limit, and harm us, how it keeps so many people in it and most importantly, you'll learn the solutions on how to get out of it and beat it.

The Schooling System Wasn't Created For Education; It Was Solely Created To Produce Employees (Called The Prussian System)

Note: I’m focusing on the schooling system here (instead solely focusing on the job industry) because did you know, that the modern schooling system (The Prussian System) was conceived at the same time the word employee was?

This literally (these two systems, the school, and the soulless dead-end jobs) were created hand in hand for the industrialization era to solely train students to be efficient workers.

Did an image of machines walking on a conveyor belt cross your mind?

*Cue "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd.

Remember the kids walking on the conveyor belt?

Remember, you are a human being, NOT a machine.

So here they are:

The 13 major schooling system obstacles have been placed to keep us in school, hinder our full potential, and not let us out. (It’s most likely because the system hears a *cha ching and sees dollar signs right next to our names when we willingly or unwillingly hand our minds and our rights over.)

How the schooling system takes Robert Cialdini's principles from "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” and mis-uses ALL 6 of them against us.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, an absolute genius in his field in compliance psychology, discovered and refined 6 Principles of Influence that have the evolutionary, psychological, and biological potential to positively or negatively affect human behavior very profoundly and consistently.

I emphasize potential because through his words, “These principles work most effectively on people who do not tend to think for themselves.” That’s the key here that will be the determining factor if we stay in this system or beat it; to think, express, and act for ourselves.

In each 6 of the principles listed, I will begin the explanation with an excerpt from his book, and then I’ll show you specific and relatable instances on how the schooling system uses them against us.

1. Reciprocation

“The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us.”

Many people think, either consciously or unconsciously, that getting a degree is what opens up doors of opportunities for us, and because of this, students (or more realistically, the parents of students) are willing to pay, and even go into severe debt for the oh so generous favor the schooling system parted us…

The least we can do is return the favor with our money, health, desire to learn real knowledge, and well-being right?

Sounds completely ridiculous I know but many people brush this off without much thought.

The thing about value, is that it’s not how much we pay that determines it’s worth; it’s how much we receive that counts. Keep this in mind throughout this experience.

To add, do you believe, as I do (when I created my life purpose, I dropped out of College at a Big 10 University because I realized the same thing) that many consciously self-made entrepreneurs have for centuries:

True education, success, fulfillment, accomplishment, and happiness is elsewhere and has nothing to do with school, so, why bother going?

“Yes, school/scholastic knowledge may be important for traditional jobs, but it’s literally useless for people who desire success and financial freedom.”

These are the words of Robert Kiyosaki from one of his best books, The Business of The 21st Century.

Staying in something we know doesn’t serve us, but somehow, we continue to do it anyway brings up the next principle of:

2. Commitment & Consistency

“Once he has agreed to a request, his attitude may change, he may become, in his own eyes, the kind of person who does this sort of thing, who agrees to requests made by strangers, who takes action on things he believes in, who cooperates with good causes.”I

When it comes down to it, once people are committed, they tend to align their own self-image with this commitment and for any reason, if they go against it, or if others go against it, they subconsciously feel they’re going against themselves which makes this dangerously manipulative and which makes them instantly defensive.

Here’s another example of the consistency principle that’s used against us in the school system.

Once a child is forcefully put into school (honestly, what child naturally wants to go to school without going through some form of conditioning? The first time I went to Pre-K I was crying and holding onto my dads leg, probably because I knew what I was about to get into!)

In this case, by the time young students enter college, the student who has been committed to the activity longer (willingly or unwillingly), will have a harder time in stopping.

But, successful people know that knowing when to quit is equally if not more so as valuable as knowing when to never give up.

Now for the next principle that may be the most obvious and interwoven one in the school system.

3. Social Proof

“Since 95 percent of the people are imitators and only 5 percent initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer… The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be perceived as correct.”

This is the “Everyone else is doing it” mentality.

Subconsciously, we’re more likely to comply and create a false sense of perceived validity of the popular action, lifestyle, belief, and/or trend that’s taking place, just because a lot of people are doing the same thing.

We can’t be this easily manipulated… Can we?...

I’m sure you’ve seen it.

The “next thing” to do out of Pre-K is to go to grade school, then go to high school, then to college and so on right?

Parts of the logical brain turn off when social proof arises while other parts of the emotional brain go haywire (called mob mentality).

This means that social proof is a harder habit to kick and is a lot harder for us to be able to observe if we’re falling for it.

But in this case, it takes place mostly in seeing that everyone else is partaking in the next phase in the schooling system, so then it must be good. You should do it too… Right?

The pure power in these principles is that they go hand in hand; Social Proof directly influences the next principle of:

4. Liking

“We most prefer to say yes to the requests of someone we know and like; power of referrals..."

It’s been known that people with a weak sense of self-identity, tend to find identity in liking things outside of themselves such as their favorite sports teams or in this case, favorite college, favorite person, people who are similar to us, people who compliment us etc.

Once we find identity in something outside of ourselves, we allow ourselves to be more easily manipulated by this outside force when it does these 3 things:

There’s a lot of money being invested in schools to get us to go out of our way to attend them and even more money, corruption, and manipulation is present to make us think that we actually need to.

This brings me to my next point of:

5. Authority

“It is the extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority that constitutes the chief finding of the study… What could make us do such things? Milgram is sure he knows the answer. It has to do, he says, with a deep-seated sense of duty to authority within us all.”

Why doesn’t anyone stand up to this non-existent Authority?

Well… People have… For centuries…

It’s just not publicized or shown through mass media for very specific reasons.

Unless you watch a news station that has the interest of the people in the mind (which there currently aren’t any) then you probably wouldn’t hear about these movements and outcries against the schooling system because of the “Authority” Networks such as Media, Government, Schools, and The Job System that all work together to deliver the same fabricated and biased message to the masses.

These "authorities" are falsely portrayed as professional, credible, and knowledgeable, even if if, in reality, that's the furthest from the truth.

They all go hand in hand to control and limit us; okay okay, I promised I wouldn’t get into the conspiracy theories, so I’ll stop there.

But, is it a conspiracy if it’s true?

Regarding Authority, what have you experienced it to be when someone, or even you mentions the truth about the schooling system, or the unpleasant truth about anything really to an Authority who's against it?

The typical reaction of nonacceptance to the truth shows that subliminal conditioning is powerful, and in the wrong hands... Profitable.

There’s a large sum of money being invested in Authority Networks to try and get as much real estate in our minds as possible.

Let’s not allow this to happen shall we?

But again, “people who don’t tend to think for themselves” will be subject to the control of Authority much more than a free-thinker, like you.

So for the last principle of influence, if you’re a student who has to pay (or your parents had to pay, possibly even go in debt) and if you’ve ever taken an SAT or ACT, and have been met with an acceptance rate at a “prestigious” university, the next principle applies:

6. Scarcity

“It became clear as I spoke that the special lure of the temple had a sole cause: If I did not experience the restricted sector shortly, I would never again have the chance..."

Tuition Fee. Entrance Exam. Expected GPA, SAT, ACT score. These are all barriers called Scarcity, and it’s out of reach for many people, but this is done for a manipulative purpose because it’s clear that a true education should, and is available to ALL.

Not only this, but the system uses psychology against us to wrongly make us think that we actually want and need schooling; in reality, they just want our money and another obedient employee.

These high barriers of entry are put in place to make it feel like what’s oh so out of reach is actually worth obtaining.

Ever try dangling a piece of string above a cat? The cat becomes extremely interested because the string is out of reach, but when they get it, they become docile and uninterested again.

The same applies to humans.

If it’s out of reach, (and again, this is more likely to affect those who don’t control their own mind and do their own thinking), it’s seen as more valuable, so the “I gotta have it at all costs” mentality comes into play.


That’s all of them for method of control #1: The 6 "Proven Principles of Influence" that are wrongly used against us students.

Yay us!! (Just kidding. Honestly, things aren't as bad as they seem. Don’t lose hope. The practical and proven solutions to get out of this system and to truly live free are at the end of this post).

Before we experience them, lets look at method of control #2, it’s something that you may have noticed more obviously through your own personal experience.

7. Schools Don’t Teach Us How To Succeed, Lead, or Accomplish Legendary Deeds (Isn’t that the point of a true education?)

It’s been proven that our brains/minds are literally wired to screen out information that doesn’t apply to us.

But it’s clear, that schools go against the natural ways our own brains work by forcing us to memorize and regurgitate useless information… We’re literally like machines to the system, just another number.

The system unnaturally and unethically pressures us (in multiple ways) to memorize the information we know deep down to be completely useless, but if we don’t choose to comply against our will, we’ll fail… Isn't this called slavery?

Have you experienced something similar?

You can learn more about this and why most college dropouts through history tend to be profoundly successful in one of my favorite posts illustrating the differences between school vs. what a REAL education actually is and how to get it.

I made this explanation short because if you’re a student reading this, I can guarantee that if you’re real with yourself, I don’t need to tell you the difference between school vs. education; you already know.

Another manipulative tactic you may have experienced is:

8. We Pay Too Much And Receive Too Little. (Why go into severe debt to go to school when we have access to the internet, and we can learn the same exact things nearly for free?)

Like I mentioned earlier, the thing about value is that it’s not how much we pay that determines it’s worth; it’s how much we receive that counts.

So let me get this straight, we pay $30,000+ a year to receive what exactly?

A nice looking piece of paper with our name artificially printed on it at the end of the schooling ladder that *insert social proof, scarcity, and reciprocation.

Have you actually ever learned anything undeniably meaningful in school, that you also learned by your own personal initiative (vs. being forced to?) that was actually worth this amount of money?

No right?

Remember this:

Also, have you ever memorized chapters in a textbook just to attempt to pass the exam, but days or weeks later you forget what you memorized?

It’s because you didn’t enjoy learning it.

On the bright side, the things that are actually important, the knowledge and the proven principles we can actually use to succeed isn’t found in school or college. They are found in the school called… Life.

This true story illustrates that anyone with no "formal schooling" commonly confused as an education nowadays, can out beat someone with a PhD in a heartbeat:

“One day my friend I were talking. He wanted to know what I would do differently in his business if I were him. I thought it over for a few days, when a funny thing happened. At the time, I was working with a group of wrestlers who were training for the Olympics.

Each week a Chiropractor came in and adjusted all of the wrestlers. One week, the regular doc couldn’t make it in. Instead of waiting for a week, one of the athletes jumped on YouTube, typed in ‘how to give a chiropractic adjustment’, and watched a few videos until he felt like an expert.

Then he walked into the other room and quickly adjusted everyone on the team… The point of this story is that in about 30 minutes, someone with no formal training at all learned to do what we were paying the chiropractor for…

(As he says to his friend) Look, you went to college for years to learn how to be a chiropractor, yet, within 30 minutes, one wrestler was able to learn EVERYTHING that you currently do in your clinic.” -Russell Brunson

Point proven?

Now’s the time to learn the best part.

How to beat this schooling system for good and to be successful and truly educated instead:

5 Frowned upon "learning curve" methods that will enable you to reclaim your right to experience meaningful success, useful knowledge, and self-expression.

9. Become an autodidact

When it comes down to it, ALL truly successful people, (actually, some of the smartest people who ever lived) taught themselves on their own initiative and self-interest.

Since successful people think for themselves and do what they feel is best for themselves, so successful people are more inclined to study and apply what THEY want vs. what they are told to do.

Also, through being self-taught, they focused and specialized on what it took for their passion to succeed; which is what it takes to... Actually succeed.

All in all, on this path you won't be forced to memorize things you don't actually care about; we have an inherent right to study knowledge we truly want to and we shouldn't give up this right so easily.

Honestly, I can hardly see being forced to memorize useless surface level information actually prepares us for the real world... Do you agree?

We’ve been learning information all of our life about algebra, tectonic plates, literature, and other senseless things that fill our mind and that aren’t directly related to our purpose.

If you apply this insightful perspective on what a real education is to your own life, you will see the opportunities in your life profoundly change as you do.

10. Learn the food that's best for your own body and make it yourself

It’s clear, at least at the Big 10 University I dropped out of, schools serve franken-food and typical college food is actually proven to slowly diminish quality of life for students.

Where does all of that money go to anyway?

They couldn’t at least give us eatable, healthy food?

Besides the unhealthy, low quality food served in college that I wouldn't even feed to my cat (because I love him), you can expect to see food like this in a typical college dorm room:

Anyway, it's undeniable that physical health, nutritional awareness, and overall well-being is a key component to true, and lasting success.

What good is it if you make tons of money while you have cancer or another dis-ease and don't know how to cure it?

If you don’t have a solid physical foundation within yourself (your body and mind), and if you also eat… Shit…

It will prove to be very difficult to build anything externally and have it stand strong and outlast time.

It takes discipline, sacrifice, persistence, willingness to fail, willingness to learn and adapt to eat healthy and to build a strong, healthy, vibrant, and impressive looking body and these same qualities are exactly what it takes to succeed in endeavors.

11. Create and invest in assets that will make money work for you instead of you working for money

Don’t let your passions slip away just because of the excuses that you need to “pay the bills” or because you were “forced or pressured to go to college.

You know why?

Because millions of people have been living prosperously off their passion everyday.

You should too, regardless of the opinions of society or those around you who don’t see your vision and what you feel is best for YOUR life.

To add, if you're in business school and also realized that you're being taught theoretical principles of how to manage employees... By an employee...

(Think about that one. Besides being taught things that have no validity in the real business world, and besides being taught how to manage other employees while you become a "higher up" employee when you graduate, most students are taught how to do business from someone who has never actually succeeded in business...)

The sad thing is, this following picture (which is Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant) can serve to be impeccably more valuable than receiving the highest degree possible in business administration and it was given to you for free:

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

In other words, if you feel what you're learning is garbage, and you truly want to succeed instead, do you have the guts to drop out and stop relying on the crutch we've been given since birth?

Your greatest asset is yourself and your initiative (along with other leadership qualities not taught to us in school), and that’s why our Passion Based Lifestyle Courses (mentioned later) are essential if you want to develop these inner and outer assets.

Not only this, but it will also enable you to use them to fuel your passion and live in the B and I quadrant shown in the above picture.

All in all, outside of yourself (called self-assets) learn to invest in assets that’ll bring you more money (passive income is the best) over time vs spending money on liabilities (things that don't make you money, and actually take money away from you, over time).

Again, you'll learn exactly how to do this and be financially free in the courses mentioned below.

12. Authentically Network with like-minded people who specialize in what you need done (and create something of value that becomes an adequate motive for them to even want to do so)

I can bet you my reputation and all of my money on this:

Nobody is self-made, and nobody has ever succeeded on their own.

We become who we surround ourselves with, and if we want to actually get somewhere meaningful in life (outside of our neighborhood), we need to start developing people and leadership skills (something else that's not properly taught, if at all, in the schooling system).

13. Learn how to adapt and take action on better opportunities right when they present themselves

There’s never a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for someone who makes their own.

Remind yourself: every missed chance is a door for an even greater opportunity, but on the other end, don't let this make you stay in your comfort zone and "always waiting" for the opportunity that you should've taken a while ago.

The power of any useful knowledge is to apply it, and some of the greatest knowledge life has to offer is in taking an opportunity for personal development, or learning from the mistake in missing one.


You are now armed with knowledge that not many people have the opportunity to know nor the guts to seek and accept.

If you apply this knowledge, you’ve just started your learning curve that will lead you on your way to truly living free and beating the system for good.

So, what’s next?

If you want to take this knowledge and apply it to lead a passion based lifestyle, we invite you to enroll in our upcoming courses for holistic success and creative freedom.

You will not only receive an empowering understanding of the following useful knowledge, but our courses will guide you step-by-step how to apply your new understanding into your life; the way education should be.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn:

1. How to influence your subconscious mind for lasting success.

2. How to develop a strong, functional, and impressive looking body.

3. How to cure ANY dis-ease.

4. How to develop a positive self-image and what it has to do with the opportunities you experience.

5. How to work smart instead of only working hard.

6. How to create a platform for yourself and how to market your passion to people who will appreciate (your future customers).

And so much more.

But, I only listed what you’ll learn.

We're constantly developing a comprehensive benefit package for us 9-5ers, Students, and Millennials to utilize for your advantage.

Since great things take time to develop, these courses are coming soon but there’s no reason for you to wait to start living the life you deserve.

So, if you need a proven solution NOW that will help you on your way to pursuing your passion, creating your dream lifestyle, and living off of it, download our FREE Lifestyle Creation Guide called "21 Principles of Self Made Success" (if you haven’t already).

Again, if you already downloaded our guide and are already an active member of Co-Creator Community, you’ll already be the 1st to know when these lifestyle creation solutions are made available to the public and you will have exclusive access to them when they come out.

You are now one step closer to becoming a MultiverseCity Co-Creator.

For now… Do what it takes to live free; pursue your passion and prosper.

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