What Is Alpha Xi Delta?

Alpha Xi Delta. It has been two years since I called my parents excitedly and told them “I signed my bid! I’m an Alpha Xi Delta!!!!” Honestly, when I first came to college I was that classic student who avoided the nice girls at the table who just wanted to ask a quick question (I am really sorry that was not very nice). I had nothing against sororities; I just didn’t think they were for me. I was so wrong. Oddly enough, the Director of my internship inspired me because she was such a strong and confident woman who made everyone feel welcome (shoutout to you Chelsea McCoy, you are seriously one in a million)! There happened to be a few Alpha Xi's (that's our dope nickname) in my internship as well and they were all so nice and friendly that I thought I could be a part of something like that. Alpha Xi Delta has done nothing but support me, love me, and make me feel so loved and appreciated. During recruitment, I was so excited this year to rave about how fabulous my sorority was because I genuinely felt that way. This chapter has matured my leadership and communication skills. We celebrate diversity. We have girls studying everything from fashion merchandising, to agriculture, to pre-med, to education. There is always someone to eat lunch with or go to a movie with. And while there are still many more reasons I love my chapter there is one particular memory that sticks out to me and always makes me remember why I joined in the first place.

After I signed my bid, the VP of membership gave me the biggest hug and said “Welcome home.” I started to cry and it was one of my happiest college memories. Within twenty minutes my Facebook wall was flooded with messages saying how excited everyone was to have me. First semester of college had been a little rocky and an event like this made me feel as if I finally had a home away from home. There have been times where I have questioned whether or not this was the right decision but I always come back to this memory. If I did not stay in this wonderful second home, I wouldn’t have my beautiful Big who always brightens my day and loves me unconditionally. I also wouldn’t have my wonderful boy big, sibling, littles, grand littles, or great-grand littles!

(From top to bottom: Top middle- Miranda, Middle Row (Left to right)- Chelsea (my little), Me, Karsten (my little), Bottom middle- Kendra (my grand little))

(My wonderful boy big above)

I have met some of the strongest women in my life that can stand their ground when the going gets tough. I have the greatest support system in the world. I am so used to being surrounded by a large family in Albuquerque that the transition to a big Greek family was so easy. I can never stress how wonderful the sorority has been for me (even when I am stressed and want to pull my hair out and cry). My friends, old and new, have seen the wonderful things that Alpha Xi Delta has done for me and inspired them to give it a try. It brings so much joy to my heart when I hear of one of my friends saying excitedly that they found their new home, regardless of the letters.

(My beautiful Greek Family after initiation this semester. Yes this is really how big my family is just in my sorority. I was lucky enough to get a sibling, 3 grand littles, and a great-grand little this semester.)

Alpha Xi Delta means more to me than the t-shirts and the pictures, it means loyalty, honor, academics, and love. Alpha Xi Delta is the tears shed in times of hardship and senior ceremonies; it is the joy in big little reveal, pre-I, and Initiation. It is the laughter on retreat that fills the whole house with warmth. It is the strength in times of struggle. Now, I want to stress that sororities aren’t for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find a group, Greek or not, that loves and supports them. Find friends that bring joy and happiness and you too will see the positive changes that will come.

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