What I Would Tell My Freshman Self
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What I Would Tell My Freshman Self

What I Would Tell My Freshman Self

With recruitment week and the start of school rapidly approaching, it makes us all reminisce about times gone by. There really is no other year like your freshman year of college. You get to start with a clean slate, meet new people, experience new things and know you have four more of some of the best years of your life ahead; there are few other feelings so thrilling. 

There are certainly a lot of things I learned about myself and about life my freshman year. You can’t grow or learn without failing or making mistakes along the way. I know there is something we all wish we could tell our little freshman-selves, so I asked some friends: if they could tell themselves anything, what would it be?

“I would tell myself that it is okay to miss a party in order to study for a huge exam. I didn’t do that a few times my freshman year, and those test grades suffered from it. You don’t have to go to every party; studying is important too!” Kayla Fratus, Alpha Omicron Pi.

“If I could tell my freshman self anything, it would be to learn how to wake up early. I wish I would have taught myself to get up before 8 a.m. every day no matter what. I feel like I could have accomplished so much more in a day.” Sydney Rumsey, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

“Don’t be so concerned with dating anyone; give yourself the opportunity to meet as many people as possible, make all the friends you can, and soak up the time with your girlfriends. If love comes your way, so be it. My freshman year, I secluded myself from my friends and just wanted to be around my boyfriend. I wish I could take that back. The friends you make in college are your friends you will have forever and that’s more important than a boy.” Julia D’Eramo, Alpha Omicron Pi.

“Sleep matters, but it’s worth losing some to take part in all the things you want to do.” Leah Tobak, Phi Mu.

“Chase your passions with no regrets and never settle. Don’t let the pineapple juice fool you: be wary of the Yellowhammer. And most importantly never skip a swap, a football game or a Fried Friday.” Kristen Schumacher, Alpha Omicron Pi. 

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, otherwise, you might end up lost on the Crimson Ride for two hours and miss your classes; naps are your new best friend and 2 Timothy 4:17. I was never on my own." Kate Carter, Alpha Chi Omega.

“Say hello to those people you met drunkenly, even if you’re not sure they remember you. Freshman year, everyone is looking for friends, and sharing a smile and a hello go a long way. You might form a lifelong friend by continuously saying hello.” Natalie Hale, Alpha Gamma Delta. 

“It’s okay to not go out every night; staying in and binge watching Sex And The City is good for you!” Morgan Wheeler, Alpha Omicron Pi.

“Go to everything you possibly can -- swaps, pledge parties, footballs games, you name it, you should go to it! Freshman year is the time you can get away with going out every night of the week.” Sara Snider, Alpha Gamma Delta. 

“Don’t schedule your 8 a.m. lab the day after 10 Cent Natty Night at Harry’s; never rely on 348-Ride to actually come pick you up; try to keep late-nights at Julia’s to a minimum or you will run out of Dining Dollars by September; and when all else fails, puke and rally.” Ame Updegraff, Alpha Omicron Pi.

"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but use your brain no matter how inebriated or sleep deprived you are. Drugs are not okay; online classes are not better than regular classes and going home on the weekends is not more fun than staying in town and soaking in everything there is to experience. Be a freshman. Now is your only chance." Carleigh Watts, Kappa Alpha Theta.

“If you are having a serious case of FOMO, just bring your notecards to the bar the night before your test. I’ve done it multiple times and haven’t made a bad grade yet.” Ana Vega, Alpha Omicron Pi.

As for me? Don’t attempt to make margaritas in your dorm room, don’t do Jägerbombs under any circumstances and remember that these four years are fleeting. Appreciate every high, every low and everything in between. Be thankful for every second and remember how blessed you are to go to school at such an amazing place. And, seriously...don't do Jägerbombs. 

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