What happens if we apply aloe vera on face daily?
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What happens if we apply aloe vera on face daily?

What happens if we apply aloe vera on face daily?

​What happens if we apply aloe vera on face daily?


Aloe vera is the all rounder in everyday contests against skin problems. This medicinal plant is truly a panacea to all the external and ingestion problems as well, when nipped right in the budding stages. It can be grown in pots at home or brought from the market as its gel is packed and sealed along with some added and safe preservatives, aromatic substances for the comfort of the users. The best aloe vera gel for face arrives right at your doorstep in smooth gel forms to effectively counter the skin maladies. Let’s know more about aloe vera gel.

Everyday application of aloe vera gel is a healthy practice if you are a frequent user of makeup cosmetics, experience dry, oily and combination types of skin surface. Everyday application is reviving for the facial skin. The layer must be left for a few minutes to soak into the skin pores, ease out the dryness and hydrate the facial skin. The spots and blemishes become myth with the application of aloe vera gel in required amounts for a few minutes regularly. Try out the aloe vera gel and beauty products containing them such as moisturisers, deodorant roll-ons, body lotions, face washes and so on.

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What does aloe vera gel do for different skin types?

The aloe vera is suitable for all skin types ranging from the dry, oily to the super sensitive kinds. It works according to the needs of the skin and cures it of allergies and rashes. Here are the known facts of aloe vera gel in regular use over the skin surface. Over time this medicinal gel shows its results. It takes days and weeks to work up to the grassroot levels when the complex layers of the skin are concerned.

  • The dry skin types acquire bumper hydration doses with the application of aloe vera gel
  • The antibacterial property of aloe vera gel zealously protects the skin from infections- fungal or bacterial in nature
  • The oily skin types get appeased with respect to their open pores to release oil and sebum on the facial skin layers
  • The oily layer of the skin is broken to deal with the germ buildup and mollify the inflammation, if any on the skin such as redness, rashes and itch caused due to skin sensitivity or reactivity to certain makeup, weather or chemical components
  • This gel is healing in nature but make sure it does not have too much chemical ingredients accompanying it. They might irritate the pimples and acne on the skin surface instead of calming them down
  • For the combination skin types, the skin is restored back to the normal texture once it is applied regularly
  • The hyperpigmentation or too much production of melanin in the skin is regulated slowly to appear lighter, soft and healthy
  • The skin collagen production reaches proper levels for younger, flexible and elastic appearance
  • After cleansing the facial skin, the layer of aloe vera gel is the best possible hydrating and moisturising layer for the human skin. The opened up pores post cleansing take in the goodness of aloe vera readily.
  • It also helps to get rid of signs of aging such as dark circles, lines, discolouration, skin sagging and blemishes through gentle massages

While using the best aloe vera gel for face there is no waiting time but, when using natural aloe vera sap, keep the cut section of aloe vera, to let it drip off the brown gooey sap which is actually latex and harmful for the skin and consumption as well. The aloe vera gel could be enhanced with the antioxidants present in other herbal extracts such as the vitamins, green tea extracts, tulsi, honey and turmeric. These antioxidants reverse the toll of premature aging from letting your facial skin fade it's youth away.

The facial skin along with the body skin glows when embalmed with aloe vera gel regularly. The toxic elements can be nullified with the consumption of aloe vera gel. Edible aloe vera gels are available to cleanse your body system from the inside. The digestive system grows stronger, unlocking the powerful cells for boosted immunity. This gets reflected in the glow of your skin.


The aloe vera has been around as a medicinal plant amongst others in ancient treatment scripts and handed down practices. It is native to the tropical regions of the world where heat and rains are ample. But now this particular herb is accepted worldwide and incorporated for healing purposes, beauty products and facial cosmetics. In its natural state it does not have any odour or taste just that it stays gooey.

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