I've always vowed to keep my opinion secret when it comes to politics, however, I don't believe that's the right choice anymore. I have been contemplating writing this article for weeks, and now I think I'm ready to send it into view. However, I know some people will take this personally.

First off I would like to speak to the people that will take this personally. Off the back, it might not be your fault. But I'm going to try my best to shed light on the issue so that you are aware. Once I tell you what typically goes on, if you turn your eye or you speak before you think, then it will be your fault.

Now what I would really like to shed a light on is white privilege. (I would like to say at one point in time I was very ignorant about the full extent that this occurs, but through constant research that elaborated on the opposite side of my views I saw that it is real and occurs constantly.) White privilege is hard to speak about because for a lot of people it's like Santa or the Easter Bunny, they can't see it so they don't believe it. That's why I'm going to try my best to help people see it. White privilege is usually explained to occur when someone white gets a job, or get's out of being arrested because of their color. What I believe people skim over is the fact that a lot of white privilege occurs because of the subconscious. It occurs because subconsciously we have all been taught to see a difference between white and everyone else and this difference goes past just the skin tone. These differences cause white privilege to occur everywhere. It might be the way a cashier smiles at the older white woman at the register and becomes stiff when a black father walks up. It might be when a black kid commits the same crime as a white boy, but the white boy only does community service because he has a bright future. All of this probably sounds like it's just racism, and to be honest white privilege occurs because of it. White privilege is when someone of white color gains a benefit because they are white and( what they gain can be small from a smile to a job in my opinion) that can't occur without a little racism.

I've already brought it up, but when talking about white privilege you have to talk about racism. Racism occurs consciously and subconsciously. Earlier I discussed how a lot of white privilege occurs because subconsciously we were taught to see a difference. For those who need to see a difference I'm discussing I think searching the Doll test would be beneficial(I'm not being sarcastic, really go and look at it). The Doll test is a great example of how even children are taught to see a difference. Basically white was seen as good and black as bad, white as beautiful and black as ugly. This experiment has been changed and repeated over and over again and typically what you see from children and adults is that white is seen positively and black negatively, even if the dolls being used are only babies(There are cases where vise verse is seen, but that was typically outlier data because it was extremely rare to occur). This test shows that even in children there is a racism that is built in because of what society tells them. Society a lot of times doesn't even have to say a word. It's all in the images that are shown on the television of a beautiful white model, and a black criminal who obviously is not being given good lighting( This doesn't even go over if the criminal actually deserved to go to jail, but the pictures sure do make it look like they deserve to). I can't say much on personal experience when it comes to racism since I do look pretty white. However, there has been a couple times where I have casually said that I'm Syrian and have gotten comments such as, "I have heard bad things about them." This comment shows accidental racism, but even so, the ignorance of putting an entire race into a single category is irritating and honestly stressful.

Now I understand that there are many ways to interpret what I said, but I only said it in hopes of having a world that maybe one day is truly equal. I honestly don't care if I have to fight more for a job because it will feel so much better knowing I got the position because I did everything possible, not because I had an advantage.

I'd also like to urge people to research more. There are so many cases of bad communication. If you read my article and still feel confused then go look at other articles. There are so many intelligent people who are able to better explain the full concept of white privilege and racism. Also, please don't stick to your first thoughts. We all have rash first thoughts when it comes to movements and other religions. If you really look into what is trying to be done then you may find you agree with what is being said. And when you find cases where someone acted out, just remember most of the time there is nothing wrong with the movement or religion... just the people.

So please open your eyes, keep and open mind, and think again. That way some day we can all see the change.