Time. Time doesn't mean anything. It's what we do with our time that matters. Everyone always says "don't waste time," but what does that even mean? I feel that if you are enjoying what you are doing, then time is not wasted.

We have all heard the phrase, "time is precious," "time is of the essence" and "use your time wisely," which is why we all strive to make the most we can out of he time we have, but if we're not enjoying what we do with our time, then we are in fact wasting it.

People spend their days doing various things. Some people go hiking, mountain climbing, surfing. Others read books, sleep, eat ice cream out of the carton. Time should be up to your discretion and preference. If you aren't spending your time saving abandoned animals, chasing storms, cliff jumping, that's fine. If you are doing heroic and adventurous things like that, that's okay too.

Another thing, we don't no how much time we have. We can't predict the future. That is why we should make the most with our time. I can't stay content unless I spend the majority of my time helping others, that is what makes me happy, so that is how I spend my time. Whatever makes you happy, that is what I advise you to do with your time. Don't spend time doing something that doesn't give you fulfillment or happiness. No matter what you do, time doesn't slow done for anyone, so live it up how you want it. One thing we forget is that time is ours. However, time is given to us so we need to make sure we use it to give back.