What Are the Most In-Demand Careers for Exercise Science Majors?
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What Are the Most In-Demand Careers for Exercise Science Majors?

Learn What the Most In-Demand Careers Are for Exercise Science Majors

What Are the Most In-Demand Careers for Exercise Science Majors?

Most people know that living an active lifestyle is good for their health. Over time, we've started to learn more and more how exercise helps people feel better, treats disease, and ultimately extends lifespan. Exercise science is an important field for increasing our knowledge and motivating people to get off the couch!

For people who are passionate about health and fitness, a degree in exercise science and a career designed to help people live healthier lives can be extremely fulfilling. Exercise science majors offer a lot of different career options.

About Exercise Science

Exercise science majors begin by learning about physiology, in order to gain a solid foundation and understanding of the body's processes. Students learn about different processes at a cellular and molecular level, how the environment impacts the body, and may branch out into specific disciplines like athletic training or kinesiology.

A degree in exercise science prepares students for a wide range of career paths. This field of study is perfect for those who are interested in health, wellness, and exercise but do not wish to pursue a degree as a doctor or nurse. Options range from coaching to community health and wellness, research, and beyond. Here are some of the most in-demand career options for exercise science majors.

Physical Therapist

Exercise is extremely important for overall health and well-being, but there are risks associated as well, especially for high-impact or high-speed activities.

People who don't use proper form, have a genetic predisposition for certain issues, or simply have an accidental injury can require months of rehabilitation and physical therapy to get back to their active lifestyle. Even kids can get seriously injured playing sports or exercising and may need help from a physical therapist.

Physical therapists walk patients through progressive exercises to help them recover from an injury or illness. They might meet with patients frequently, or assign them exercises to do at home, with periodic check-ins. Depending on the injury, a patient could work with a single therapist for months or even longer.

Becoming a physical therapist is a great choice for exercise science majors. It's an in-demand career that can be extremely fulfilling, as physical therapists help patients increase their mobility and overall quality of life. To become a physical therapist, an additional three years of training is required after earning a bachelor's degree.


Nutrition and movement are closely linked. A career as a nutritionist is a great choice for an exercise science major who is interested in how diet affects health, wellness, energy, and movement.

A nutritionist works with individuals who may be experiencing health problems due to their diet, or those who simply want to live a healthier lifestyle. Nutritionists must tailor their plans to their clients' specific needs, concerns, preferences, and budgets. They develop meal plans and help people to live healthier lives.

A bachelor's degree is needed, along with specialized training. Many states require certification as well. After all, nutritionists need to have an in-depth understanding of how diets affect human health and well-being. But if you want to truly change people's lives for the better, this is a great career choice!

Athletic Trainer

Athletes make their living through strenuous exercise. While they need to be extremely fit, they also often experience injuries throughout the course of training and playing games. Athletic trainers' job is to help them stay healthy and recover from any injuries they might suffer.

Athletic trainers monitor team members and help them prevent injuries. They are also responsible for providing first aid and treating injuries that players sustain. They must know how to spot injuries that require more intensive care in addition to treating minor injuries.

This is a great job for people who love sports and want to help protect athletes. Typically, a bachelor's (preferably a master's) degree and licensure are required.

Health Club Manager

If you love going to the gym, spending time with people, and have great organization and management skills, then becoming a health club manager could be the perfect career for you. Health club managers keep facilities running, manage trainers and equipment, and are in charge of scheduling classes and activities.

Exercise science can provide you with an excellent background for this career. Health club managers are well paid and can make over $81,000 a year!

Explore Your Options

There's nothing better than picking a career you find fulfilling. If you're getting an exercise science degree, you have lots of options. Spend some time doing your research so you can find a career that will make you happy long term!
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