What Are The Causes Of Happiness?
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What Are The Causes Of Happiness?

The three areas of life we must focus on

What Are The Causes Of Happiness?

What are the causes of happiness?

Many people think about the causes of their unhappiness, but it is much more important to consider the causes of happiness!

The specialists at North Carolina University proved that happy people live longer than those who live in constant stress.

An unhappy person is not aware of how easy it is to be happy. You need to look around, because the causes of happiness are everywhere around us. You only have to open your eyes. The causes of happiness are different for everyone, but many people agree that personal happiness is impossible without family, friends and hobbies.

Family is the first source of happiness person, because there are the closest people to us. When we are children, the parents make our happiness. Whether it's a birthday party, or maybe a trip to Disneyland for Christmas. When we grow up, we create our own family. Without our family we already can't imagine our lives. The wedding, the birth of children, and the healthy parents are main components of our happiness.

Another important component of our happiness is our friends. They are the people who will support us in any difficult situation. More importantly they feel happiness when we are happy. Friendship may be determined in a couple of ways. Some people believed that we make friends only in the first 25-30 years of life, because that is the age when people have so many different social groups around them. Friends that appear in this period of life tend to remain with us forever. Friendships of this nature are tested over the years as people change. We feel happy around them, because we have a lot of mutual memories and funny stories connected with our school or college times. On the other hand, we can find some new friends after our thirties. In this case, no matter how much time we know this persons, it is important that we appreciate them as our friends for their actions and emotional support.

The final component of our happiness is our hobby. Even with friends and family, we still have some time to ourselves. Many people spend this time on their hobby. The concept of a hobby is different for everyone: some like to read books; some like rock climbing; some collect coins; and some breed dogs. Despite the differences between hobbies they all share one thing: the expression of what the individual does with creative energy, which means they feel happy!

Family, friends and hobbies are three important components of happiness. Even if it seems like someone has it all, they must work constantly in these three areas to maintain happiness. It is no wonder that a wise man said that happiness is fleeting. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, appreciate every day of your life, then you will understand what are the causes of true happiness!

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