We were introduced on your first day. You were taking a tour of the school and it was the first time you stepped foot on campus. Just a senior in high school, you were so young. You spent the entire day in awe of the campus while melting in the 95-degree heat. Accompanied by other 18-year-olds, you nearly died of embarrassment when your mom pulled out her camera. "Go on, go smile up there," she nudged you as you walked in the direction of the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall wearing your Seminole shirt you got from the bookstore. That was the first of many encounters and we were going to be seeing a lot of each other.

During the first week, you managed to say goodbye to your family, move into your new room, and learn how to adult all by yourself. Like that wasn't hard enough, you managed to girl flirt for hours and hours. I watched you smile, laugh, and cry as you conquered another day of recruitment.

Big/Little Reveal came before you could blink. During recruitment, you didn't know which houses you were going to visit the next day. Now, you can't imagine calling another house your home. You found your niche and a family to go with it.

We crossed paths around 2:30 a.m. on various occasions throughout your freshman year. Coming home from a Saturday night at Pot's, you marched your way back to your dorm room hoping that you would somehow make it to your 8 a.m. the next day (you didn't).

It's parent's weekend at Florida State and a basic picture is a must. Showing your family why you fell in love with this place wasn't complete without documenting the moment.

I really don't know how you survived on your 21st birthday. It was a night to remember, or not to remember, as you ended the night just like every other Seminole: going for a quick swim.

Graduation came quickly. You popped bottles of champagne, wore your best dress, and smiled till your cheeks went numb. You said your goodbyes to your sorority sisters, teachers and your professors.

You never acknowledge these kinds of moments until they become memories. It was so easy to just walk to class or walk home from Pots and disregard such a landmark. From the first day on campus to the day you drove down College Avenue for the very last time, this place was more than just a pretty picture spot, but a trademark as a Florida State Seminole.