Before a few weeks ago, there was only one place that I was absolutely terrified of. Looking at the tall brick building could send shivers down my spine and a cold sweat across my forehead. I'm not talking about a haunted house, the creepy graveyard across the street or the abandoned building down the block.

I'm talking about the gym.

When my dance team decided to make working out three times a week a requirement, I was devastated. How was I supposed to go to the gym when I felt as if I was being judged from the second I stepped in to the moment I walked out? What was I supposed to do when I was there? How did people go in and manage not to break a bone?

My first day was rough. I decided to try to run the treadmill for the whole 45 minutes I was required to workout and then do the StairMaster. By the end of it, I was miserable and felt like everyone was judging me.

It was that day I decided to go on Pinterest and look at some different workouts to try for the next time. After all, even if I looked ridiculous, at least I was trying.

I found a few different workouts that appealed to me and began to go to work the next day. To my surprise, by the end, I felt amazing about myself and enjoyed the workout as a whole!

It was after that day I realized exactly why people claimed to be addicted to working out. While sweating and being uncomfortable is not fun, the way you feel after is worth all of the hard work. I also realized these people were finding the workouts that were right for them.

So if you were like me from just a few short weeks ago, do not give up on the gym yet. Do some research on exercises so you can find ones that work for you. Look into some exercise classes your school might offer that you can go to.

When you are doing the same workout everyday, you and your body are going to be bored. So mix it up! Try splitting the muscles up into groups like arms, legs, back/shoulders and chest, and alternate so you will not be overworking your muscles.

Remember, the gym is not a scary place. Everyone there is going to respect you for making an effort to make yourself better. So what are you waiting for? Put on your best sneakers, get up and go!