Dear Little,

I knew from day one of recruitment I needed to have you in Alpha Delta Pi, and inmy family. You were everything I believe myself to be and better and I couldn't let any other sorority have you. Yes that's selfish, no I do not care.

When I was first going into recruitment I was petrified for what was going to come. You only have 20 minutes a round to talk to girls and convince them that they could be an amazing part of your sorority. How is that even humanly possible? I take an hour just to figure out what I want to wear most days. But when you walked through the door the first round all my nerves went away, it was just like catching up with one of my BFFs from home.

Shoutout to my little straight from Long Island. As wild, carefree, and OCD as me. I couldn't be happier you chose to come home to ADPi and become not only my sister, but my best friend, and now my little. I'm sorry for putting you through emotional distress and telling you I wasn't your big all week, but I wanted the surprise to be special, just like you

As your big I promise to be there for your 24/7 whether it be for boy advice, to stuff our faces, to have late night car jams, and to be your "cool mom". I promise to constantly motivate you when you wanna give up but also force you to go out with me when we're swamped with work. I promise to take as many pictures we need until we find one that's "instaworthy". I promise to send you ugly snapchats every morning after. I promise to embarrass you at every opportunity I have. I promise to spoil you (if you're nice to me). Most importantly, I promise to be the best big sister I can be.

I can't wait for all the memories, laughs, and stories that are yet to come. Thanks for finally giving me a little sister to fight with. I hope I don't let you down. And if I do, you can yell at me for it later. Love to love ya little, welcome home.