11 Weird Things I Have Experienced On Tinder Because TBH, It's Pretty Funny

I find Tinder funny. I don't know if I fully believe in the possibility of relationship sprouting from it, but here I find myself.

Almost every boy has the same bio

"Washed up high school athlete," "All I care about is sports," "Just looking for my Tinderella," and much more.

It is actually a straight up challenge to find decent pictures

Yeah, that pic you thought you looked good in, not so much.

I literally don't know how to start a conversation

Does "hey" still work???

Coming across multiple dudes I went to high school with, LOL

What do I do?

The terrible pick-up lines

"If nothing lasts forever, will you be my forever?"

The good pick-up lines

"Please keep your distance. I might fall for you."

The weird conversations

One time, I had a conversation about whether or not the moon landing was real.

Boys being boys

They say such weird things.

Finding out I went to pre-school with one of my matches


 "Yeah, I think I saw you at Kroger..."

Um, what?

 The boy who wrote me a list of why we're the perfect match 

It was weird.

Tinder is weird. I don't quite understand it, but it is entertaining. Just don't do it while you're drunk because that's when you get yourself in trouble.

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