Top 5 Weirdest Food Combinations According To Twitter
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Top 5 Weirdest Food Combinations According To Twitter

Hey, you foodies!

Top 5 Weirdest Food Combinations According To Twitter

Food, food, and food is something that we all must have in order to live. We crave it, although there are some individuals whose taste buds are craving some strange cuisine. Have you ever heard of someone not liking ice cream?

As strange as it may seem there are some individuals in the universe who think ice cream is nasty and slimy when served by itself. However, they love the combination of ice cream mixed with bacon. What a strange thing! Would you agree?

Have you ever tried a weird food combination before? Here is the countdown of the five most weirdest food combinations selected by strangers on Twitter.

1. Broccoli and ice cream

Drum roll please, broccoli and ice cream ding ding ding ding ding!! Who in their right minds thinks that this combination is acceptable? A vegetable and a dairy product do not make a good marriage not even if it was made in heaven. Just the thought of these two being mixed together is absolutely disgusting in the minds of the surveyors.

Therefore, I can definitely see why the broccoli and ice cream combination comes in as the number one weirdest food combination among Twitter users. Given the results of the survey, what do you think is the weirdest food combination? Better yet, name some of your weirdest food combination that has graced your taste buds.

2. Spaghetti and ketchup

Knocking hard at number two, we find spaghetti and ketchup in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Everyone loves spaghetti as a main dish especially with a side of Texas toast or garlic breadsticks, yum!

Having spaghetti and meatballs have always been one of America's favorite dinner tradition. If you think about your favorite meal swinging around and dancing doing the dosido with ketchup, what's up with that? That is just plain weird as stated by many Twitter users. But each to their own, because I object, it's not that weird especially when both spaghetti sauce and ketchup is made from tomatoes.

3. Pickles and Kit Kats

Now coming in as number three we've found a blended relationship between pickles and Kit Kats!!! WOW! I am actually surprised that this combination exists! What you say, pickles and Kit Kats?! Who would have ever thought pickles mixed with chocolate wafers sounds good?

NAH! This one takes the cake because not even a pregnant woman's taste buds are this bad. According to the surveyors on Twitter, they loveeeeeee chocolate and some even enjoy eating pickles, but eating them mixed together requires a unique palate.

4. Ice Cream and soy sauce

Here, we go again the fourth weirdest food combination selected by surveyors would be ice cream and soy sauce. WHAT?! ICE CREAM AND SOY SAUCE?! Boy, this is a first, who comes up with all this stuff?!

I would definitely agree with this one for sure. Because normally, when it comes to ice cream individuals usually include toppings such as caramel, cherry, peanuts, Oreo cookies, sprinkles, or chocolate sauce, etc. Well, when it comes to soy sauce as a topping for ice cream, that sounds simply disgusting.

Let's analyze this for a minute, do we even know what soy sauce is? Soy sauce is basically a fermented paste of soybeans mixed with some Aspergillus which is a type of fungi and brine which is a high concentration of water and salt, and roasted grains.

Gross! Now, you tell me does this sound like something that is tasty on ice cream? Personally, if I had to eat ice cream topped with soy sauce (a.k.a fungi), I would toss my cookies for sure.

5. Mustard on eggs

Yes, you heard that right, mustard on eggs comes in as number five on the countdown for the weirdest food combination. According to a recent Twitter post, surveyors could not believe what would possess someone to think that a mixture of mustard and eggs would make a good combination.

In my opinion, I would rather have maple syrup and eggs mixed together. However, mustard on eggs, no thanks; I would rather have mustard on my hot dogs instead.

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