Anyone who knows me even semi-personally knows makeup is one of my biggest passions. So it makes sense that nearly everyday I pull out the full- coverage foundation, the heavy black eyeliner and the false lashes. I enjoy wearing this much makeup because I like the way it looks and most importantly, I have a lot of fun applying a new look every single day.

However, my reasons for wearing makeup every single day truly do not require any explanation. It is my face and I will do as I please. Unfortunately though, many people do not seem to understand that the way I do.

“Who are you trying to impress with so much makeup?”

“Gosh, you must be going out tonight if you are wearing that much makeup.”

“I honestly think you look prettier without all that black around your eyes”

“I would never spend the amount of money on makeup that you do. $20 for a lipstick is stupid”

“You wear way too much makeup”

If you like looking full-glam all the time, you are familiar with these comments and you know the list goes on and on.

The thing about makeup is that I (as many others) see makeup as an art form. There is something so spectacular about holding a brush, dipping into a sparkly pressed pigment and watching the transformation before my eyes. I can portray however I am feeling when I wear my makeup. If I am feeling edgier, I can portray that. If I happen to feel more relaxed, I can portray that as well. I can be whoever I want to be with makeup and the best part is, at the end of the day, it all just washes off.

I am honestly very tired of being questioned about the amount of makeup I wear. I wear a full mask of makeup 90% of the time and it is for no other reason then the fact that it makes me happy. Yes, I can wear fake lashes every day, yes, it is fine to wear blue lipstick and also yes, it is ok to wear bright pink eyeliner. Makeup is a wonderful way to express yourself and we all need to take the time to understand that everyone expresses themselves in different way.

My message is this; if you love wearing a lot of makeup, do it, if you don’t like wearing any, don’t. The choice to wear makeup or not to is no one else’s but your own. Wear a full face of makeup to class, wear false eyelashes to the grocery store, wear whatever amount of makeup you want and don’t let others tell you that you shouldn’t.