We are so blessed and don't even realize it

“Blessings on blessings on blessings look at my life man that’s lessons on lessons on lessons.” -Big Sean

Every day, hour, minute and second of every single day I find a new reason why I am blessed. Whether that be as small as me getting the last cinnamon sugar bagel from Einstein’s, or as big as sitting in environmental science class and realizing how lucky I am to even have running water.

A blessing is a blessing no matter how big or small, but what truly makes this important is being able to find the blessing in every one of your gray clouds- lets say you had a bad day you might have failed a test and it may seem like the end of the world right now but I promise you it isn’t. Just think of all the blessings around you. You were still able to eat today, you probably took a shower, maybe you went to class, or you posted a Snapchat or an Instagram… maybe you even got to Netflix and chill, that’s a blessing, sometimes you have to step back and look at the bigger picture, that’s just life.

I truly feel like I’ve got everything I need right in front of me and here’s why:


Family is my everything. Without family we might never be able to have the strength to get through the day. Being able to call your mom just to hear her voice is a blessing.

Being apart of a team

This is basic and cliché but I honestly don’t know where I would be without cheerleading. My cheer team has always been my second family because I think I spend more hours at practice with them then my actual family but that’s ok, we are one unit and in this sport having 100% trust in each other is the only way to get the job done. #blessed


Waking up for 8am’s suck, sitting through 4 hour classes also suck but being able to learn about things we love and want to do for the rest of our lives is a blessing.


Going to a catholic school for 10 years definitely has something to do with having some faith. Believing in something bigger than us is incredible and most people couldn't imagine going a day without their faith.


Being a healthy living and breathing 20 year old is definitely a blessing, most of us couldnt even imagine going 5 minutes without our phones, can you imagine dealing with real struggles that are happening around our globe.


We literally can eat whatever we want whenever we want it, when there are kids in the same country as us who don’t even know when their next meal is going to be. We are so blessed and definitely take advantage of this resource.


Friends come and go, some people have been friends with the same people since middle school and that’s just crazy to me. People grow and change and I feel like it’s a part of life to shed the old friends to make new and stronger bonds with the new ones. But sometimes in life you find a couple good ones that you just can't live without and that’s a blessing.


Music is the only thing that's completely universal, it has the power to unite people all around the world and whenever you're dealing with something music will always be there.


Being able to come home to a warm bed whether that be your real home or your dorm room its still a place that you are blessed to live in. Having a roof over your head is a huge blessing; there is a sense of peace knowing that after a long day you have a place to go home to.

Never forget where you come from

A big lesson I have learned in life is to never forget where you come from. Staying true to myself is one of the biggest blessings ever. Without this mindset I would never be able to create my own sunshine on days that are really freakin cloudy!

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