In a society that favors the extroverted, life could be hard for introverts as most are forced to adopt a constant open and friendly attitude. This can be extremely draining for people who usually prefer to be alone. And because our society is like this today, it is important to take care of yourself. Here are 4 simple ways that may help.

1. Allocate alone time to yourself every once in a while

There is so much pressure to be social and to be "always down" to do things with friends all the time, and it could become extremely draining. People pack their schedules to the brim, with google calendars looking more like just blocks of color from all the activities that each of us pushes into our lives.

Take a break.

Alone time gives you time to reflect on your actions, decisions, and gives your brain to just rest. Even just 15 minutes a day will help you feel much better.

2. Read a physical book

It doesn't have to be an inspiring or motivational life advising book - it could literally be Harry Potter or even a comic book. Not only will you feel extremely accomplished after reading a physical book, your eyes will appreciate the rare time away from a phone or computer screen. You can even go the hipster route and read at a coffee shop instead.

3. Learn how to be selfish

It's okay to say no to hanging out if you feel like you need a break from social interaction. It's perfectly okay to prefer watching a movie by yourself instead of partying it up on a Friday night with friends. Supportive friends will understand, and those who don't obviously aren't your real friends. Your emotions and needs are valid, so don't be afraid to assert them.

4. Reach out to friends and family

As much as you may want to bottle everything up inside, talking to people you trust about your personal concerns and personal life will make you feel a thousand times better. It can be intimidating to open up to others, but having a good support system around you will be important for the rest of your life, so start making that system now.