7 Ways To Deal With Summer Long Distance

We have all heard the saying above. But they never mention how hard it can be to keep a relationship over the summer and how desperate you can seem with it at times. Here are 7 ways to help you stay positive until the school year comes back around.

1. FaceTime


While this seems common sense, it is super important. It may not be face to face communication but it is as close as you can get with a distance between you and your person.

2. Good Communication


Even if it's just texting, be able to carry a conversation and tell them if you're gonna be away from your phone for a while (like if you're at a movie or your phone is dying and you don't have a charger).

3. Try To Plan At Least One Visit


My boyfriend and I were both able to drive to each other even if it was for a limited amount of time. He came for a wedding and I was able to go visit him by finding a job at our University.

4. Talk About When You'll See Each Other Again


My boyfriend and I talk constantly about how excited we are to see each other again. Since we will be seeing each other again when I move in, we talk about how I'm decorating my room a lot, or how he's gonna have to build a cabinet I bought (sorry not sorry).

5. Reassurance


Everyone at some point needs the reassurance in a relationship, it's especially important when you're long distance.

6. Spend This Alone Time With Others


When people are together with their person, they sometimes forget to spend time with others. Use this time to hang out with friends 24/7 if you're given the chance. While it is important to spend time with friends while your person is around, spend this time extra with friends too.

7. Positivity


You have to stay positive about the situation and relationship or it will not work out. Keeping your head up will help not jumping to conclusions and continue to strengthen the relationship.

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