I have high self-esteem, generally speaking, but I do have some days when I don't even want to look at myself in the mirror. On my bad days, I've found that doing certain things have really helped me overcome my negative thoughts. I can take any bad day and turn it into a good day and that's what I hope you learn to do as well.

1. Let that person bringing negativity into your life go for the day

That girl you've known forever just getting on your nerves per usual? Ignore her for the day, if not forever. Don't answer her texts or Snapchats for a full 24 hours and take that time to talk to people who don't make you feel like shit.

2. Acknowledge that you have negative thoughts, but that is all they are

I have allowed myself to be attacked by my negative thoughts, especially when it comes to boys. That being said, now that I've acknowledged that these thoughts are just that: thoughts. Don't let that negativity bring you down anymore. Once you can accept that you will gain more control over your emotions.

3. Remind yourself that "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Enough said.

4. Play your favorite song and dance in front of your mirror like no one is watching

When I'm feeling bad, I put on my driving playlist and dance in front of my mirror until I'm feeling happy again. Make a feel-good playlist for those bad days and watch yourself dance like the queen you are. Music always helps me feel empowered on my weakest days.

5. Do some small exercise movements, like jumping jacks and squats

Exercise makes you happy as we all learned in gym class. Even if you just do ten of each, you'll realize you actually feel a lot better than you did a few minutes ago.

6. Help someone else

Is your close guy friend going on a date? Help him pick out his outfit. Helping someone else, even if it's with a simple task, can help you realize just how great of a person you are. Making someone else's day can indirectly make yours as well.

7. Add essential oils into your routine if you haven't already

This is something I haven't done yet but my friends who do swear by it. Essential oils are there to cater to any need you have, whether it's to help with relaxation or make your skin softer. The options are limitless and by setting time aside to do this for yourself, you'll be setting up a positive part of your day you'll always look forward to. Little things to treat yourself are super important to keep you happy and away from negative thoughts.