1. She reprimands you when you're doing something wrong.

Wrong boy? Wrong outfit? She'll let you know.

2. She praises you when you're doing something right.

You made grades? Awesome, let's go out for drinks!

3. She is the person you call for advice.

I call/text my big whenever I need help making a choice or if I need to talk through something, no matter the situation.

4. She spoils you.

Big/little reveal is like Christmas on steroids, but it doesn't end there. Your big will always back you and spoil you where she can. Food, drinks, clothes, drinks, and so on.

5. She spoils your little(s).

I left my sorority when I transferred, and I left a little behind too. My big watches over her and takes care of her just like she takes care of me.

6. She fixes your mistakes.

Being a little is like being a child- you make mistakes, and your big is there to put the pieces back together when you mess up.

7. She tries to be a good influence.

I mean, "tries" is the key word here. And that's all that I'm gonna say about that.

8. She even lets you call her mom.

I refer to my big and her boyfriend as mom and dad all the time. My big takes care of me and her boyfriend makes sure I'm okay too; I love them for that.

9. She keeps your secrets.

I go to her and tell her things that I'm not proud of, and she knows things that other people don't. She's like a vault, or a therapist or something. There's an unspoken confidentiality agreement there.

Moral of the story: If you have a big, you will always have a second mom. They're there for you through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and all of that other cliche stuff. So, when you get a chance, show her some love and let her know how grateful you are.