Hey look, mom, we made it! This year's Women's World Cup has been incredibly intense, to say the least. Each and every game has fans of both sides hanging on the edge of there seats waiting to see what is going to happen next. The women in this competition are some of the most hardworking and driven athletes I have ever seen. Not to mention they are all ruthless. I would not want to be in a fight with any one of them. The passion and the aggression that is played by these women is phenomenal. What really brings them all together is their sense of teamwork. They all work together to win rather than having a single player being the star athlete on the team.

I have been watching this entire competition, primarily the US team annihilating the other teams. Each game I go into hoping for the best but expecting that I truly don't know how the outcome will go. Once the game starts it is easier to figure out who has more control over the ball and might be more likely to win. But still, anything can happen. A player can get injured. Someone can get yellow carded and substituted out so they don't get carded out of the game. So many things can happen that could shift the flow of the game.

For instance, when the lineup for the US team for the semifinal game against England came out and Megan Rapinoe wasn't starting fans quickly thought the worst. She had still warmed up with the team but was benched the entire game. She was replaced with Christen Press who ended up scoring the first goal of the match during the 10-minute mark in the game. Needless to say, it was worth the substitution to rest Rapinoe for the final game on Sunday, July 7. Reports later came out saying that she had a slight injury and they wanted to rest her for the possible final game and also did not think she would have been able to complete a full 90-minute game. Hopefully, she is well rested and ready to go this Sunday during the final game.

I chose the header picture because it was just a hilarious victory pose that forward, Alex Morgan did after she got a goal in the semifinal game against England. It was all over social media that had comparisons to the Boston Tea Party and other historical events over England. I was watching the game with my mom, and as soon as she did that pose I turned to my mom and said, "Well that is going to blow up on social media." I wasn't wrong about that remark. It was also a nice 30th birthday present to herself. In response to a tweet from the official US Women's National Team Twitter account talking about Alex Morgan's birthday and how she needed to take care of some important business, she commented by saying, "Birthdays come every year. World Cup comes every 4 YEARS!! It's aaaaaaall business today."

This will be the third World Cup in a row that the US has made it to the final round. The US won against England with a 2-1 final score on Tuesday, July 2. During the second half of the semifinal game, England scored a second goal that had tied the game 2-2. However, after further review, the play was ruled off-sides and the goal was taken off. England did not recover from that. During the last Women's World Cup in 2015, The US National Team won the tournament. Fingers crossed they win again this year. The US will be playing against the Netherlands on Sunday, July 7 at 8 am (MST). For those of you that are interested, the third place game between England and Sweden will be on Saturday, July 6 at 8 am (MST).