Someone should’ve warned me that entering into politics means losing friends left and right, pun intended. Whether it’s the over exaggeration of Donald Trump’s policy, the inability to distinguish a legal immigrant from an illegal immigrant or the way Hillary’s team forced Bernie Sanders into resigning from the election, it’s been one roller coaster ride I want to get off. Having an opinion on any political candidate good or bad has shown itself to lead to some outrage whether you can be considered an unethical bigot who hates all form of immigrants or someone who is blind to the corrupt way that Hillary Clinton has gone about her campaign. Regardless of which side you appear to be on, the naysayers will immediately label you while not even giving you a chance to explain as to why you believe in said candidate.

My desire to end this election had begun over the summer once Bernie Sanders had endorsed Hillary Clinton, possibly against his will. His endorsement did two things, it proved that Bernie Sanders desire to change the system from within had been a sham and it all but clinched the Presidential election at the time, while Bernie requested for unity in the party that did him wrong, Republican candidates such as Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and John Kasich would not endorse Trump, further dividing the party from within. Based on both conventions, it appeared certain that the only person you can vote for was Hillary Clinton, or else you’d be considered a sexist, racist, bigoted homophobe or you’d be “wasting your vote” according to the same people who were “Feeling the Bern”. People’s willingness to surrender their cause to support the woman who was “unqualified” according to Bernie Sanders made it very uncomfortable to go against that status quo. Well, I decided to be against Hillary Clinton from the beginning and it’s led to argument after argument and I’ve had enough of it.

Whether it’s her false assistance towards Haiti, her willingness to cover for Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes while president of the United States, or her willingness to take money from the same billionaires who she claims she’s against, it seems very reasonable to not want to support such an individual. This had been considered a normal behavior until Bernie conceived, as did everyone else. Now criticisms of Hillary whether they have been about her health or her past transgressions, have now been considered “sexist” so that begs the question, is it worth it? Is it worth trying to expose the corrupt government trying to put Hillary into power when she should in fact be in prison? It is. It’s worth the arguments, it’s worth the number of blocks, it’s worth the name calling, because I’d rather have someone in office who would preach self-reliance within minority communities instead of lying to a country just for financial gain.