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I Don't Want A Prince, I Don't Want A Free Meal, I Want Both

I would much rather wait for my prince, so to speak, than settle for anything less.

I Don't Want A Prince, I Don't Want A Free Meal, I Want Both

To be honest, I want both. Who doesn't?

But just because I want a "Prince" and happen to rather enjoy free food doesn't mean that I don't have any other desires or that these two are the most important.

But before I get into that, I feel like I need to explain what I mean by wanting a "prince." When I say that I want a prince, I mean that I want someone who is noble. I want someone who is a leader and who is responsible. I want someone who is capable of accomplishing what they set their mind to.

Now, keep in mind that I do understand these are just characteristics and that any profession or title. A blacksmith, for example, could embody these characteristics. It's just that I believe prince is the more common term used to reference these characteristics.

One of the other things that I find important in a significant other, besides him being prince-like and buying all my food... okay some of my food- include the ability to make me laugh.

I don't just mean a polite, "Haha, that's funny." I mean someone that downright gets me and can make me really laugh.

Anther thing is for him to be mature enough to know when he needs to be serious and when the situation needs a little lightening up. I feel like this is important because is shows that he is being thoughtful and to me, that means a lot.

Another thing that I consider to be way more important than him being a prince, or buying my food, is that he is God-focused. I need him to have his head screwed on straight and be living in a way that honors God.

I feel that this is extremely important because I am a Christian and I have a relationship with God. He, too, needs to have a relationship with God. He needs to be close to God so that he can lead me and our family spiritually.

If he is not spiritually mature, I can't hitch my cart to his. This is a biblical conviction that I believe God put there for our protection.

Overall, I also don't want to settle for just a good conversation or someone that is easy. I don't want to cheat myself out of something great just because I felt it was time and they were available.

I would much rather wait for my prince, so to speak, than settle for anything less.

I have standards. I know my worth and I know that it's worth waiting for the one God has for me.

Now, I understand that no guy is perfect, and I'm not asking them to be. But, I do believe that God either has someone for me or he doesn't. And I definitely don't want a guy that God didn't intent for me.

Feel free to comment if you have a different opinion or share the same opinion.

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