Vitamins and supplements

These 6 Vitamins Or Supplements Will Change Your Life

If you think vitamins and supplements are better from our food, you are right, but sometimes we need some extra help.


I tend to talk like a grandmother. "Do you have some stomachache? Drink a cup of chamomile tea." "Only cut your hair when it is a waxing crescent moon." "Coconut oil is the key for beautiful hair and skin." "Hibiscus and green tea are necessary to lose weight." "Are you sad? A cup of hot chocolate is the answer." Do you see it? I have been like that my whole life.

Now, I want to share some of my wisdom. The last years, I have learned about vitamins and supplements. We do not pay attention to the vast world we have in front of us. The best vitamins and supplements are over the counter and they are affordable. Also, they are everywhere.

If you are the kind of person who thinks vitamins and supplements are better from our food, you are right. However, sometimes we need some extra help.

1. Echinacea.

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Echinacea has changed my life. All my life, I heard Vitamin C is the key to help your immune system… until I started taking echinacea. It works for me thousands of times better than any vitamin. Echinacea is magic to me. If I have the flu I only need to take some echinacea for a couple of days and I am healthy again.

If you like your Vitamin C, please, do not stop taking it. You can add echinacea in your life.

2. Glucosamine.

This advice is perfect for you (and your parents and grandparents). If you have any joint problems (yes, you are young, but you can have joint issues), glucosamine is a miracle. It needs a couple of months to see its effects. However, as soon as you have glucosamine in your routine, you will have less pain.

3. Vitamin B complex.

There are many vitamin Bs, and there is a supplement with all the vitamin Bs together (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12). They are good for metabolism and more. Let me tell you if you want to become a vegetarian or vegan, Vitamin B supplement is key to substitute the minerals you are losing from the meat. They also help to manage anxiety.

4. Melatonin and L-theanine.

I sleep well most nights. Sometimes, stress, anxiety, nervousness, problems and routines make us have some troubles when we go to bed. Melatonin is magic. I take one, and I am sleeping in five minutes. L-theanine is the best for me when I have to fly. I hate to take a plane; I am almost always panicked. L-theanine makes my travels a lot better.

5. Collagen.

Do you want to look young forever? Collagen is the answer. You probably have some collagen in your body creams. Having beautiful skin, hair and nails is perfect. You can add some Vitamin E. Yes, to stay young you need some extra help.

6. Omega 3.

The last but never the least is Omega 3. It helps your heart. You do not need more words or arguments. The heart is one of the most important organs in our body; we need it to be strong and healthy. Of course, Omega 3 is not enough; you must eat healthily and exercise.

There are tons of vitamins and supplements. You can research them and add some in your diet. If you do not like to take many pills, go and get a multivitamin supplement. You will have a lot in only one pill. In any case, taking care of yourself is a must.

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It's the little things in life.

It is always easier to pick out the negatives in life. We tend to dwell on them and drown out the happy moments. I asked a friend to tell me something that made them happy. They sarcastically laughed at my question then thought about it for a minute. Nothing. But they could easily come up with things that made them unhappy. Then I read them my list, and they were smiling and laughing in agreement the whole time. There are so many more things to be happy and laugh about than we realize. After all- it's the little things in life that can mean the most! Here are 50 things that make me happy. What are your 50?

  1. The first warm day of the year
  2. Laughing so hard your abs ache
  3. Freshly washed sheets
  4. Looking through old pictures
  5. The smell of a coffee shop
  6. Eating cookie dough
  7. Reading a bible verse that perfectly fits your current situation
  8. Seeing someone open a gift you got them
  9. Eating birthday cake
  10. A shower after a long day
  11. Marking something off your to-do list
  12. Drinking ice cold water on a really hot day
  13. Dressing up for no reason
  14. Breakfast food
  15. Being able to lay in bed in the morning
  16. Finding something you love at the store
  17. And it’s on sale
  18. Cute elderly couples
  19. When a stranger compliments you
  20. Getting butterflies in your stomach
  21. Taking a nap
  22. Cooking something delicious
  23. Being lost for words
  24. Receiving a birthday card in the mail
  25. And there's money in it
  26. Finally cleaning your room
  27. Realizing how fortunate you are
  28. Waking up from a nightmare and realizing it wasn't real
  29. Fresh fruit
  30. Walking barefoot in the grass
  31. Singing along to a song in the car
  32. Sunrises
  33. Sunsets
  34. Freshly baked cookies with a glass of milk
  35. Summertime cookouts
  36. Feeling pretty
  37. Looking forward to something
  38. Lemonade
  39. Comfortable silences
  40. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have more time to sleep
  41. Surviving another school year
  42. The cold side of the pillow
  43. The smell of popcorn
  44. Remembering something funny that happened
  45. Laughing to yourself about it
  46. Feeling weird about laughing to yourself
  47. Printed photographs
  48. Wearing a new outfit
  49. The sound of an ice cream truck
  50. Feeling confident
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13 Thoughts About Transferring To A New College

I have been asking myself if I should stay or go to a different school.


I have asked myself the question, "Should I transfer?", so many times. Don't get me wrong, I like NC State and all. However, I'm not entirely in love with it. In some ways, I don't really feel like I belong here because of the environment I'm in. Everything is 'go, go, go' and there's never a time to breathe and take in everything. Maybe it's because of my personality and all but I have tried to give it my all into trying to partake in the college experience. I mean, I have been justifying why I should just stick to NC State out for the entire four years. Then, I have those thoughts that I should transfer.

1.  College applications round two.

2. It's a hassle getting everything organized to transfer to a different school.

3. Money.

4. Will I even like the school that I transfer to? 

5. You have to start over and make new friends.

6. Maybe I'll grow to love NC State.

7. It feels so lonely here even though there are over 30,000 students.

8. I work better in a small environment.

9. I don't have a lot of friends.

10. It's so much harder to get opportunities here.

11. NC State doesn't have the major that I want.

12. My sister is going to be even farther away from me when she goes to college.

13. I feel like a freak sometimes because of my introverted self.

I might not be able to change my thoughts and the way I am but these two semesters has given me the opportunity to see if I want to stay. I don't have an answer yet but give me next year and I'll give you one.

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