The many times I have seen The Block is limited to twice, but each time I have loved it more. From seeing the bluffs to the many beautiful beaches, the food is delicious and the people are always smiling.

The place is quaint and picturesque with the many cliffs and dives that are stuck in every corner. The first time I went was 16 and itching to be behind the wheel. My dad rented a Jeep Wrangler for the day we were there and said, "definitely not, you might hit someone." I was a fairly new driver and had to agree with them. We traveled through the narrow roads dodging Vespas, bicycles, and the other cars.

Our first stop was the lighthouse that overlooked some of the cliffs of the Block. We didn't go inside but observed the architecture of the tower. Outside the area, we grabbed hot dogs at a small food truck that was more than filling for the beginning of the day. Surprisingly they agreed it was alright to drive a little and I began the adventure of driving.

Ariel View of Block IslandTwitter account: @blockislandinfo

Overall the places we visited were close and in between. My mom remembered that she wanted to see the bluffs or the cliffs. I pulled off the road and we ventured into the dunes. We soon realized after a grueling 20 minutes that we were nowhere near the bluffs. But we decided to give it another 15 minutes of hiking through desert-like conditions to see if there was something worth seeing. During that time we passed another guy hiking through and of course, that was when the jokes began.

"If we travel any further were gonna end up like that dead animal back there."

"I have to stand in the middle. The front and back are always the first to be attacked."

"We're never gonna make it."

I may have participated but I had never laughed harder when my sister insisted to only stand in the middle whilst out running me and my brother to keep her spot. But the point is The Block has many fun and family-friendly things to do. After sweating up a storm walking in the beating sun we headed for one of the blocks beautiful beaches. With 15 coves and beaches, we headed to one of the best located on the Scotch Beach. The water was chilled like most Rhode Island beaches but refreshing from the sun on the hot island.

Stairway down to Block Island BeachCasey Wahl

When I say the water is one of the clearest and clean I have ever seen I hope you don't think I am exaggerating. I couldn't touch the bottom but it didn't stop me from seeing my feet. To this day I still talk about it because I want to go back all the time. Not to mention the water was pretty calm with limited waves. It was a relaxing and refreshing way to ease ourselves back off the beach. After the beach, we were hungry once again and got to choose from some of the many restaurants on the island. From the vintage style hotels and mom and pop restaurants, you can tell the island is a close-knit community.

This great location is a 35-minute ferry ride from Narragansett and is easily accessible. There are no excuses why you can't go see it this summer.

I had a great time on Block Island that is comparable to some of the vacations on other islands in places as far as the Caribbean. I hope you agree and get to see it for your self.

Block Island BeachTwitter account: @blockislandinfo

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