Tired of seeing the same clowns, ghosts, cats, and David S. Pumpkinses? If you're looking for a fresh costume idea that's easy but sure to win over the crowd, look no further than vine. Here are twelve of the best vine-inspired costume ideas.

1. The power of God and anime

Forget Darth Vader, Captain America, or Wolverine. If you want to masquerade as someone with REAL power, this costume is for you. The clothing is uncomplicated enough, but give yourself some rehearsal time to master the energy behind this being.

2. The high heels made of cups guy

Halloween could be described as its very own "Dark Paradise," and there's no better way to recognize that than to pay homage to this classic vine. A perk of this costume is that you don't even have to learn how to walk in your cups; the more you fall down, the more authentic it'll be.

3. An avocado! Thanks!

All you need to pull this one off is an avocado and a heartfelt "Thanks!"

4. Welcome to Chili's!

Some celebrators of Halloween like using costumes as a way to, well, show what they've got. If you don't mind the cold, welcoming people to Chili's could be a relevant replacement for that leather catsuit.

5. I coulda dropped my croissant 

With pajama bottoms and a cotton tank top, this is one of the more comfortable outfits. Not to mention the croissant could come in handy should you need a snack.

6. Zach, stop

All you rebels out there might want to consider Zach for your costume of choice. He moves with such swagger, but you just know--he's gonna get in trouble.

7. And they were roommates 

Looking for a couple's costume that's not Tarzan and Jane or peanut butter and jelly? Look no further than this iconic duo:

"And they were roommates."

"Oh my god, they were roommates."

8. Batdad

So you've got an old Batman mask, but you don't want to be passe. Upgrade your costume this year into Batdad, who, by the way, is wayyyyyyyyy more interesting.

9. "She"

We've all wanted to walk into a room before, and for everyone to wonder "Who is she?" Dress as this vine, and it's a done deal.

10. Annie, are you okay?

Another couple's costume idea that's off the charts.

11. Adam!

We all love a tragic hero. Adam betrayed his brother, and if you love characters with some turmoil behind them, this costume is for you.

12. Rebecca

We all love a strong female character, but no one is going to be impressed by yet another Wonder Woman costume. Instead, go as Rebecca: A smart, powerful, decisive female character, who also knows how to stand up for herself.