The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

Let us be vigilant against our own downfall.

There must come a time when we realize that the choices we make, the things we say, and the things we don't say highly impact the people around us. We are not merely living for the benefit of ourselves, but for the benefit of our neighbor. What would our lives begin to look like if we stopped acting on selfish gain?

It's a fascinating concept to swallow, because since the beginning of time man has acted on being the most superior form of himself as possible. But wasn't that our downfall? We must analyze our own thoughts and actions and figure out why we are so concerned with having our eyes open to the knowledge of good and evil rather than being content with our eyes being focused on the issues already in front of us. Why does our blood rush with the desire to know all there is to know, and to be capable of doing more than what we can already do? Let us be vigilant against our own downfall and not get so wrapped up with becoming like God. Superiority looks nice, but really it's just a wilting flower embodied in thorns we are too blind to see and one of the most dangerous forms of idolatry.

It's hard to study Genesis and think that we could've done any better. Our conversations are built on greed, our politics are centered around us against them, our "Good Samaritan" attitudes at the root are about "what can I get in return for helping my neighbor in need?"

Selfishness and superiority starts with the belief that what God has already blessed us with, isn't enough. While we are complaining about needing to be and have more, we are withholding the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters around us. What they need is what we already have inside of us, and what we need is already on the inside of someone else. The time is now to be empathetic to the precious life throughout the world.

For every genuine there is a counterfeit from the enemy. The temptation that the serpent brought to Eve in the Garden was the first counterfeit that was offered to humanity. "You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4-5 completely contradicts God's purpose and design of man. We were made in the image of God, not to be opponents and forces against him. If we were supposed to obtain a level of superiority where we were like God, we wouldn't need each other, making God's design pointless.

"And let's not be consumed by winning. Because if my neighbor is being hated, profiled, violated or otherwise mistreated, WE aren't winning." It is because I strongly agree with the words of Bernice King, that I urge you with every fiber in my being to get out of your own bubble of greed and prosperity, and to be a voice for the voiceless.

Selfishness was in the equation of The Fall, but selflessness is in the equation of God's Redemption Plan. The time is now.

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Project Israel: Part Two


I am conquered.

My mind, heart, and soul are incense before you.

Placed on the altar, are all my actions.

There my head hits the floor, knees press the ground,

Do I dare look up at You?

So, I stare behind, shadow below.

O’ Light above,

Weighing down upon me.

I am conquered.

Battle in the Heavens!

I am servant to both armies!

I am a general for Lucifer, I am a prince of Christ!

Does this please you: fallen below?

Father Above?

Such a lost thought, back & forth, between Death and Life.

I am conquered.

Weaned, bent, twisted by my own hand?

O’ Sin, are you my master?

By God’s Grace, no!

Yet it was I who stripped You, we struck You!

Strip me, strike me!

You gave me keys to the kingdom.

I threw my heart to the fire.

O’ Sin,

I am yours—all of me.

All my wretchedness is yours.

I am con—No!

O’ Jesus!

I am yours—all of me.

All my wretchedness is yours!

Mercy Maker, Death Defiler, Grace Giver!

Cover me with all!

It is all far more than enough!

Victory is at hand!

I am conquered.

—Drew Seitz


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15 Things You Should Do For Lent This Season

Lent is so much more than going to fish fry's and giving up eating your favorite candy.

Lent is so much more than going to fish fry's and giving up eating your favorite candy for the season. Lent is a time of reflection. It is a time to better yourself in thanks for all that God has done. Typically around this time of the year, you and your friends talk about the things you're going to give up and how hard it is going to be. But what are the good things you are going to do this Lenten season? The things that will actually make an impact? Here is a list of things you can do to get you started!

1. Stop gossiping

2. Try not to lie

3. Don't be jealous

4. Do community service

5. Pray more

6. Say thank you more

7. Say I love you more

8. Say I'm sorry more

9. Say I forgive you more

10. Perform a random act of kindness once a day

11. Donate to the less fortunate

12. Fasting

13. Write a journal about self-improvement

14. Read parts of the Bible

15. Reflect more

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