Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Controversy

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Controversy

The event may be fun for those involved, but for viewers it has become an extremely controversial topic.

Every year at the beginning of December, millions of people tune into CBS to watch one of the biggest shows of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year the show held in Paris is one of the largest yet, featuring more than 50 models with performances by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and The Weeknd. Though the event is a fun and exuberant night, for viewers across the world, the event has become an extremely controversial topic.

The purpose of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is to showcase the brand and it’s products. In efforts to do so, Victoria’s Secret has their infamous ‘Angels’ and various other models wear extravagant costumes featuring lingerie sold by the company. With that being said, the main focus of the show, which is supposed to be the products worn by the models, has shifted to the models themselves. Due to the looks of the models, people across the world have negative attitudes towards the show and may even refuse to watch it. As a result I have two opinions regarding the negativity, the first being the issue of body shaming and the second being the common comment that the show “makes people feel bad about themselves.”

Body shaming has become a widely discussed topic in the past few years and continues to be an ongoing issue. People spread awareness about being kind to one another and loving each other the way we are, but often times those people are the same ones who bash the models because of the way their bodies look. It is no secret that the models in the show are all very beautiful, tall, thin, and fit. Though during the show, you will find thousands of girls tweeting and commenting about how the models are unhealthy and have unrealistic body types. Personally, I don't think any of these critics realize how hypocritical they are being by attempting to spread love but yet also spreading hate in the meantime.

I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen or heard someone say that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show makes them “feel bad” about him or herself. The show is not broadcasted to make viewers have negative feelings towards their bodies, though the number of people that do is remarkable. In my opinion, choosing to not watch the show and say that it makes you feel bad about yourself is essentially the same as refusing to watch or listen to a very smart, well educated person talk about something that you may not be as educated on because their abundance of knowledge makes you feel bad about yourself. There really is no difference except our looks are on the outside, and our knowledge is on the inside. We all have various strengths and weaknesses intellectually and physically that set us apart from each other, and I believe instead of bashing another’s successes we should all be happy for each other.

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