People Still Won't Recognize The Dangers Of Vaping
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When Your Vaping Catches Up To You, Don't Look For Sympathy From Me

Let's not pretend like we didn't see this coming. It was only a matter of time.

When Your Vaping Catches Up To You, Don't Look For Sympathy From Me

Hello, McFly? It's not rocket science. Why are people so shocked when they hear these horror stories about vaping?

Teenagers are showing to have the lungs equivalent to an old man who smoked his entire life. One teen in Michigan just had a double lung transplant due to damage from vaping.

This isn't surprising news.

Ever since I can remember in school, they have always taught me that smoking was bad. They showed us videos of what can happen to people who smoked for years. They showed us pictures of what pink healthy lungs look like versus black damaged lungs. They drilled into our young, sponge-like minds that smoking is dumb, stupid, and will kill you.

So, why is it that within the past few years, vaping has become the trend? You would think that with years and years of people trying to explain to kids how smoking is bad for you, the majority of them would grow up and not smoke.

One would think that any person with brain cells would realize that inhaling smoke or anything else foreign into the body is not good for you. So, it was very surprising when vaping came around that a great proportion of teens and young adults chose to start vaping.

So, no, this shouldn't be a surprise that vaping is bad. Of course, it is bad for you! With vaping, they are still doing research on it, but I don't need to be a scientist to tell you that it is obviously not good for your body. We don't know every negative effect it can have on the body, but it sure has zero positive effects on your health.

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I don't feel bad for anyone who vapes or smokes and then has to deal with unfortunate consequences. It's not my fault you weren't intelligent enough to use your brain.

We have been warned since we were five years old that smoking is bad.

Now, there is just a different word for it and people think it's something different? Just because it comes in different flavors? Then go eat some candy or fruit or chew on some flavored gum.

Honestly, it was only a matter of time until someone's story came to surface about how vaping almost killed them or how it has ruined their life.

What's even worse is that even after all these stories have come out, people on social media will post memes basically describing how it won't affect them and they are still going to vape.

Maybe this generation really is filled with depressed and anxious teenagers who want to die. People are telling them that this could kill you and yet it doesn't seem to be making a significant difference.

Just because it has a different name than cigarettes and comes in a different shape, people get amnesia and forget what we were supposed to learn from our parents' and grandparents' generations where many had to learn the hard way of the negative effects of smoking.

It drives me crazy because, back then, they didn't know it was bad for you and they had to suffer. Luckily, research showed us what damage smoking can do to you. We know better now! Why are people willingly choosing to destroy their health? Is it peer pressure or because they like the flavor?

Those aren't good enough reasons for me to ruin your body. You only get one life with one body. People should know better.

I guess our kids will one day be taught in school how their parents weren't smart enough to know that vaping is bad for you. What a sad day that will be for our generation. We should know better now.

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