2010s Trends That Should Stay in the 2010s
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The 2010s was a decade for lots of rapid change and many trends that made most of us scratch our heads and say "what were they thinking?" Many of the trends the decade gave us were cute and innocent enough, but there was a good chunk that I could not understand no matter how hard I tried. Here are a few of those trends that should stay in the 2010s.

1. Manbuns


If there is one trend from the 2010s that screams "douche baggery", it is man buns, without a doubt. Many guys would grow out their hair for the sole purpose of being able to wear a man bun. This is one trend that does not deserve to make a comeback anytime soon. Speaking of douche bag trends...

2. Fedoras


Man buns may have been a douchey look, but fedoras takes the douche bag look to a whole new level. Nowadays, the fedora trend has become a joke to make fun of "nice guys", but there was once a time people unironically thought fedoras were "classy" and needed to make a comeback. This is one trend I was super relieved to be short-lived.

3. Astrology


Many people do have an interest in astrology, but there has been so many people that blamed their shitty behavior on their astrological sign that you wonder if astrology being trendy plays a part in it. I don't know about y'all, but I think it is definitely time for some personal responsibility and to stop blaming our behavior on our horoscopes.

4. Crocs


Crocs came and gone in a very on-again-off-again fashion since the mid-2000s. When they were everywhere, they were some of the ugliest shoes I have seen in my life. They look a little bit comfortable, and the holes can let your feet breathe, but flip flops can do the exact same thing during the summer months.

5. "Clean" Eating


People are a lot more health conscious now than we ever were. While healthy eating is extremely important, there have been lots of diet trends in the last decade that required "clean" eating, eliminating certain foods from your diet so your body is "clean." This can be a problem because it can turn into extreme dieting and eliminating more foods to your diet until you live off of one specific food. My best bet to healthy eating is to take it easy on the sweets and eat more vegetables.

6. Reboots and Remakes


Television reboots and movie remakes have existed for the longest time, but they have been popping up so much this past decade that you wonder if there would be anything original left. Plus, most of the time, the reboot or remake ends up being a lot worse than its original counterpart. This trend was a big example of quantity over quality when it comes to how executives see our entertainment.

7. Internet Challenges


Some of the internet challenges we've seen were pretty innocent, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which actually raised money for ALS research, but most of them were just plain dangerous. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, the Ghost Pepper Challenge, the Tide Pod Challenge, the list goes on and on. Many of these challenges can kill and need to stay in the 2010s and the 2000s when the earliest of these challenges started.

8. Long Fake Nails


By this, of course I mean nails that are so long that you cannot even pick anything up because they are in the way. The shorter acrylic nails are not only much more attractive and professional, but you can still do everyday tasks in them. The long acrylic nails are one trend should probably be cut off as soon as possible.

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