9 Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single

You don't have to tell me. I know this article is basically me writing "I'm single" across my forehead... but, thankfully, I'm okay with that! February 14th means a LOT to some, and nothing at all to others. Most years I'll pretend to not see the roses or the couple-y Instagram posts, but this year I've decided to embrace the day.

Don't let yourself fall into the cliché of a night of sobbing into a carton of ice cream and watching The Notebook (if you can handle this on the 14th without crying...props to you). If you're single this February 14th, spend the day loving yourself and your friends by doing these 9 things:.

1. Pamper Yourself

Love yourself! It's cheesy but you really deserve to get your hair blown out, get a massage, workout, get your nails done... whatever you need to do that makes you feel good about yourself.

2. Hang Out With Friends

Get together with the people that you love the most; go out to dinner, see a movie, just be together and remind each other how much you love each other!

3. Get Work Done

The world doesn't stop just because we gotta celebrate love. While people out their spending money on their S.O., you can spend your time getting ahead on work that you've been procrastinating, and feel better because of it.

4. Have a Photoshoot

If you pampered yourself, this is a great follow up. Have a photo shoot with your best friends that make you all feel beautiful like you should feel (and maybe post them to make every guy wish he had asked you out...).

5. Make a List of 14 Reasons Why You're Thankful to be Single

Do it. I don't care if you think it's lame. Trust me, there are over 14 reasons to be thankful to be single, and not having to share your food is for sure one of them.

6. Watch Your Celeb Crush's Movies

Love Leonardo Dicaprio? More of a Gosling girl? Whoever your celebrity crush is, get all of their movies and spend the day with your one true love.

7. Take Advantage of the Post-Valentine's Day Candy Sales

Okay so whether you want to admit it or not, Valentine's Day is kinda great for one reason... candy. During Valentine's Day there is plenty of overpriced candy, but AFTER the big day, stores want to get rid of the extra candy... so... sales!

8. Gift Exchange

Do a Secret-Santa like gift exchange with your friends, because why should couples be the only ones getting gifts?!

9. Unplug!

If you know yourself and you know that you're going to get annoyed by the couple posts; take the day off from social media. If you're feeling addicted to your phone, this could be just the motivation you needed for a phone-detox.

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