Random But Necessary Things I Wish I'd Brought To College
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10 Totally Random But Totally Necessary Things I Wish I'd Brought To College

Happy shopping!

10 Totally Random But Totally Necessary Things I Wish I'd Brought To College

With summer being right around the corner, that means it's time to start to think about what you need to buy for the upcoming school year! Thus, I've asked around and come up with a list of things that you might not realize you could really benefit from having in your dorm room.

As a college student in the second semester of my sophomore year, I've found myself still buying things that I realized I needed for both class and the dorms. Some of these items are a bit facepalm worthy, but nonetheless, I'm sure other people may not think to bring them to school either.

Rain boots that double as snow boots

This is only a true necessity if you go to a college where it snows a lot, but still something I will forever cherish. Whether it's sprinkling rain or snowing bucket-loads, my "duck boots" keep my feet dry and warm — a much better alternative than soaking my converse like I did my entire first semester at school.

Bubble umbrella

These are especially handy in windier places. Bubble umbrellas do not break or turn inside out! They're sturdy and have great coverage.

A real winter jacket

You might be thinking, "How could someone not have a winter jacket in New England?" Well… I didn't buy mine until this year and trust me, it makes a world of a difference. 10/10 would recommend.

Brita filter

Not only is this so important for helping our environment, but it also saves your money and arm muscles. You no longer have to keep dropping a couple of dollars each week just to have to carry a heavy 24-pack up to your dorm, before filling your trash with plastic.

Reusable water bottle

This goes hand in hand with a Brita filter. By having a reusable water bottle you reduce so much waste and expenses!

A printer with toner

Do you realize just how fast regular printers use up their ink? Stop wasting $20 every month on a new cartridge! Instead, buy a printer with toner and replace that baby for $20 once a school year.

Dish sponges

As stupid as this sounds, throughout the entirety of my freshman year, I washed all of my dishes with dish soap and paper towels. Again, save yourself the waste and get a sponge or two; it makes the cleaning so much easier.

Toilet scrubber

If you don't have your own bathroom, you obviously can ignore this item. However, if you are the one doing the bathroom cleaning, this little gadget truly comes in handy.

Portable fan

Even if your room has air conditioning, a portable fan can still be used to help the air flow. You don't realize just how early they shut off the AC until you suddenly find yourself stuck in a muggy room in the middle of October.

Staple remover

Yes, bringing a stapler to college is super important, but a staple remover is just as equally important. Without one, it's like having a pencil with no erasers.

Whether or not you think you'll use these items on this list, I hope it at least sparked some other ideas for what you might need to buy for next semester.

Happy shopping!

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