15 Hidden Gems By Artists We Love
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15 Hidden Gems By Artists We Love

Unreleased Songs or Hidden Live Performances

15 Hidden Gems By Artists We Love

Each artist have multiple released albums and well loved songs but there are some amazing songs that aren't as easy to obtain. Some of them aren't found on iTunes and Spotify but can be found on YouTube. These artists have created live remakes or have unreleased music that has been leaked. Here are some of my favorite hidden gems by some talented artists (along with links to listen to them).

Blue and Grey by Elena Tora (Daughter)


Blue and Grey

Blue and Grey is a soft acoustic song by Elena Tora who is the lead singer of the band Daughter. It tells a sad story about a young girl and a boy. It's topic is about depression and how sometimes we want to lock ourselves away and listen to music. It's hard to find because it isn't on any streaming sights but I happened to run into it while I was listening to Daughter on YouTube and now it is one of my favorite songs.

Swimming Pools by Troye Sivan


Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools is by Troye Sivan and is a hidden track in the album Blue Neighbourhood. The song sounds electrifying and is a song to take a drive to during a warm summer day. Unfortunately, the track isn't available on apple music or Spotify but it can be found on Youtube. It is now my favorite song by Troye Sivan.

F*ck Yourself by Halsey


F*ck Yourself

F*ck Yourself is Halsey's more vulgar remake of Justin Bieber's song Love Yourself. Her vocals sound really good and it is a good take on Bieber's song. Halsey also chose not to sugar code the meaning of the song.

Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight by Lana Del Rey


Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight

Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight is one of many Lana Del Rey unreleased songs that are amazing. This one makes you want to listen to it while you gaze at the stars. There are so many Lana Del Rey unreleased songs that are breath taking. I've mentioned many of them in a previous article but this one was new to me. To check out more of hers go to this article https://www.theodysseyonline.com/lana-del-ray-unreleased-songs

Freak by Doja Cat



Freak is by Doja Cat and has the tune of Paul Anka's Put Your Head On My Shoulder. The lyrics are obviously very different and has a more vulgar topic but the sound to the song makes you want to wear pink and eat cotton candy. This one can be found if searched on Spotify and YouTube.

Medicine by Harry Styles



Medicine is by Harry Styles and has only been released through live shows. The song can be found on YouTube due to a recording of the live song. Many fans want a studio version of the song because of it's unique sound. It's a different sound than a lot of Harry's music.

Take Care by Florence and The Machine


Take Care

Take Care is Florence + The Machine's remake of Drakes song Take Care. It was a unique reimagined take on Drake's hip hop song. It was played lived for BBC Radio 1 as a Live Lounge special. I loved this version of Take Care and love Florence Welch's vocals in it.

Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots


Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink is a song by Twenty One Pilots that is hard to obtain using streaming apps. However, it's on YouTube and is one of my favorites by Twenty One Pilots. They are known for their upbeat songs with deep lyrics and this is one of them. It's heart-wrenching and incredibly relatable.

What Makes You Beautiful by The 1975


What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful is The 1975's remake of the popular One Direction song. They performed it during their Live Lounge Special for BBC Radio 1. It's another well reimagined remake that makes it slower and edgier. I came across it while listening to The 1975 on YouTube and was blown away by Matty Healy's vocals in this remake.

Buy The Stars by Marina


Buy The Stars

Buy The Stars is by the lead singer of Marina and The Diamonds. It has the soft and unique sound that comes with Marina and The Diamonds but this one is harder to find. It's a beautifully cosmic song. It reminds you of astrology and zodiac signs.

Moody by Why-Axis



Moody is by Why-Axis who is already a hidden gem and isn't as known as the other artists I mentioned. However, a good amount of his songs like High and Baby's Tattoo's can be found on apple music but Moody can only be found on YouTube and Spotify. It's a song that brings a good vibe.

Ruby by Twenty One Pilots



I tried to stray away from mentioning more than one song by the same artist but I felt this song needed acknowledged along with Kitchen Sink. Ruby is by Twenty One Pilots and it was inspired by a girl with Down Syndrome who went to the two band member's church. It's harder to find but can be found on YouTube and although it sounds upbeat; it'll pull on your heart strings.

I'll Try Anything Once by The Strokes


I'll Try Anything Once

I'll Try Anything Once is a live song by The Strokes with the same lyrics as their song You Only Live Once except it is slowed down and simplified. It's very soft and unique. Julian Casablanca's voice could calm you down in this song. This one isn't too difficult to find. There is a live version on apple music and YouTube has a couple places you can find it that has a clearer sound.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana


Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Where Did You Sleep Last Night is Nirvana's remake to the 1939 song by Lead Belly. This song has been remade many times but my favorite remake goes to Nirvana's version played during MTV Unplugged. I used to only be able to find it on YouTube but now it's available on apple music. They gave this song intensity and made it a grunge anthem.

Psycho Killer by Cage The Elephant


Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer is Cage The Elephant's remake of the iconic song by Talking Heads. Cage The Elephant's version can be found in many different qualities. A studio version can be found on YouTube and my personal favorite: a live one can be found on apple music. Matt Shultz's voice was perfect for a good Psycho Killer remake.

All of these hidden gems are amazing whether they are successful remakes, unreleased songs or hidden tracks. I hope you liked this list and hopefully gained some new tunes due to it. Keep making playlists and finding new music.

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