Universities don't care about sexual assault.
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Universities don't care about sexual assault.

The brand is more important than a woman's innocence.

Universities don't care about sexual assault.
Sharon Grisgby

There is no justice on college campuses anymore, I say this with a sad heart. Fact of the matter is colleges, universities and other organizations are more interested in protecting their brand instead of doing what is right, to throw morals out the window and choose to do nothing. What I am talking about in particular is the case of sexual assault, time and time again there is news of a case coming out regarding this.

From the completely blatant ignorance of the Baylor University sexual assault cases, which has seen some sentences and a total of nineteen football players accused of sexual assault since 2011. From Baylor University to recent cases like the one involving Michigan State University and the United States Olympic Gymnastics team, where a total of eighteen women have filed a sexual abuse case against a team Doctor. This is one that is more disturbing because there is a total of three organizations that the Doctor used to work for and all of them did nothing, they enabled him and let him move from one place to another where he continued to sexually abuse young women. How are people at these places okay with this? How do they sleep at night knowing this? Yeah they still have their jobs or they are making loads of money, so what? To trade in money and a job in return to just turn a blind, it’s wrong; Karma has a sneaky way of coming back and biting you in the butt.

Morals is on the verge of being completely dead and gone, there are stories coming out where people say that they tried to tell someone, that they tried to report it. There are cases where victims are ignored and or threatened to remain silent. Where is the justice? What happened to the moral compass of knowing what is right and what is wrong? The fact that there are schools and organizations that are more interested in protecting their brands instead of doing what’s right, instead of upholding to what they all say about being a safe environment where they protect anyone is a blatant lie.

The right and moral thing to happen for Art Briles the former head coach of Baylor football, is that he should not be allowed to coach at the college ranks ever again. He has failed as a moral human being, people will say “Oh that’s kind of harsh” I counter with how so? This man has made millions of dollars and in one way sold young women’s innocence for wins, because wins were more important than doing what is right. Tell me how a man like that, has the right to go coach somewhere else and make more millions? He shouldn’t, he is already set for life with all the money he has made; if he wants to coach again then go down to middle school or high school ranks. He had a chance and he blew it, wins for a football team should never be more important than a young women’s dignity, safety and innocence. Because he failed these women will forever have issues and certain problems that even time may not be able to fully heal.

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