Unity Is Crucial, While Isolation Is Dangerous

When I was a child and far beyond my time people were quite different. I remember people introducing themselves to their neighbors and their whole community was like a family. People used to share everything with each other and now life is just a big contest to see who reaches the top the quickest. I remember staying out late with all of my neighborhood friends and none of our parents were ever worried because there was a trust built within my community. When it rained I was out with my friends slip n’ sliding down a steep hill leading to puddles and mud. If it was windy we would have plastic bag races. Weather never really stopped us from being a tight group of friends. All of our parents would take turns feeding us whatever meal that we were all around for. Families used to help each other in a time of need and be supportive when things went wrong.

Now too many people are worried about not getting a return when they do a good deed. Neighbors keep to themselves and it is like every plot of estate is just another form of isolation. Yes, I do indeed understand that parents need to be protective of their kids, but seriously let them go out and play with the kid's next door. The world is a dangerous place due to all of the hate that is being spread. Today the parents are teaching kids to be self-righteous and selfish. This teaching potentially leads to children truly not knowing how to respect others for what they have and who they are. What happened to uniting? Fighting together against the world, rather than fighting each other while the world blows up behind us is important. Together we can grow. If you offer someone help it should not always have the intention behind it to gain something back. We need to create our happiness by bringing out the happiness in others.

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