4 Unique Massachusetts Hikes
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4 Unique Massachusetts Hikes

Because it's never too late to embrace your adventurous side.

4 Unique Massachusetts Hikes

Summer can be full of many different outdoor activities, but one of my personal favorites is hiking. When people think of hiking, they usually picture the typical woodsy trail leading to a beautiful view on top of a mountain peak. However, there are a lot more unique hiking trails that can be found in the wonderful state of Massachusetts. Here are just a few of those different places.

1. Blue Hills Reservation, Canton, Mass.

Named for its many hills spreading through six different Massachusetts towns, the Blue Hills Reservation also has many different trail options, most of which are more traditional based hikes. The most popular trail at the Reservation is found in Milton, Massachusetts. The trail starts off next to a small zoo area that is great to walk through if you have small children interested in wildlife. After a roughly half an hour hike up the hill, there are picnic areas and a great view of the nearby city of Boston, Massachusetts. If you get through your hike early enough in the day, you might even want to consider checking out Houghton’s Pond which is also part of the Blue Hills Reservation.

2. Borderland State Park, Easton, Mass.

Known for being the site where many movies have been filmed, this park is great for a relaxing walk through nature. This park has a few different trail options, but these trails are mostly flat, making it an easier hike for small children or those who aren’t looking to work up much of a sweat. You can find horse-back riding trails, many benches by ponds, and many open fields for playing frisbee or other outdoorsy games. Unfortunately, the ponds here aren’t swimmable, but the walk through nature is sure to be a bit of relief as a small get away from all the hectic chaos of life. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all of the beautiful scenery!

3. Purgatory Chasm, Sutton, Mass.

If you’re looking for an adventure that tests your hiking skills a little more, you should try exploring Purgatory Chasm, a park in Sutton, Massachusetts which is full of large boulders naturally forming many different trails. This park is great for more adventurous hikers and older children. You can also find a playground and a picnic table area by the park’s parking lot.

4. Quincy Quarries, Quincy, Mass.

This is not the park for people who are afraid of heights. However, once you have climbed to the top of one of the many Quincy Quarry cliffs, you will find an amazing view of the skyline and Boston, Massachusetts. This is a great place to stop by to watch the sunset. The many spray painted quotes and pictures also add to the uniqueness and beauty of the park.

Happy hiking!

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