Besides my parents, the most significant and influential adults in my life have been my teachers. The first teacher that I remember truly investing her all in me was my fourth and fifth-grade teacher, Ms. S.

I had just transferred once more from one elementary school to this new one, adding to the string of elementary schools that I attended throughout my childhood. I always loved school, but I had lost my particular amount of enthusiasm at the start of fourth grade, and Ms. S was the one who encouraged me to write. Her belief in my abilities and intellect fueled me to be an English major when I finally reached college and is a lot of the reason I am a writer today.

I always dreamed of influencing the next generation of writers, creators, and thinkers in some way or another. I still want the medium to be through my writing, but alongside my literature, I currently work as a floater teacher for elementary school. This position allows me to work in every classroom based on need and to also assist with administrative work. Through the job, I have learned the ins and outs of the campus and school system and met a brilliant group of remarkable kids.

Now, in the short while that I have worked at this campus, I have faced days of constant problem-solving, as well as, days where I hate leaving the students and can't wait to see them the next day. My energy has both grown and thrived off of the kids' and I have been drained to the point of lying on my bed without sleeping for three hours. There's one thing that has been confirmed while I have been working at this school though.

Teachers and school staffs are the lifeblood of all the kids' education and their ability to contribute to society later in life. From my co-workers, I have learned patience, kindness, forgiveness, and discipline. I work in a school where the staff deals with hits day after day, and works with student after student while still remembering to smile and say "Good morning" or "See ya tomorrow." Along with teaching their students, I have the Spanish teachers helping me practice my own conversational Spanish and have teachers who allow me to practice teaching in their classrooms.

Having felt welcomed from the first to my current day, it is unbelievable the amount of passion that teachers have in bettering the lives of everyone around them, to encourage all their surrounding people to act as students and learn. Teachers are invaluable for generations of scholars and thinkers to contribute back to their communities and to change the world.

So, reconnect with that middle school teacher you've only ever seen in Safeway after graduating, or encourage children to learn to love learning. For those who say "Those who can't do, teach," step into a classroom or catch up with a teacher-friend. Learn exactly what these leaders are doing to make our lives better every day.