49 Forgotten Vines From Underrated Viners That You Loved
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49 Forgotten Vines From Underrated Viners That You Loved, Paul Brothers NOT Invited

The internet won't let vine rest in peace so neither will I.

49 Forgotten Vines From Underrated Viners That You Loved, Paul Brothers NOT Invited
Hughston May

Vine was filled with hilarious, beautiful, cringy, and oftentimes disturbing content that I just can't seem to let go. However not everyone made it to the trending page or has 10 million on YouTube in six months, so here we are. I've curated a very incomplete list of forgotten vines courtesy of some treasured viners that I want to see more of. You'll appreciate that their current socials are included because a lot of them are still pumping out quality content. Enjoy.

Sarah Baska

Instagram: @sarahbaskaa

Twitter: @SarahBaska


First time taking molly at a festival:

When the party ur busting is playing good music:

Guys in frats:

Baby's first words:

Patrick Perkins aka @Packie

Instagram: @lil_blizzard

Twitter: @Lil__blizzard


Let's destroy the barber:

Just keeping you guys updated:

I spent way too long on this inspirational vine:

Elisabeth Jakovenko

Instagram: @esjesj

Twitter: @esjesj


The girl who confidently mispronounces "fajita.":


girl who always has to announce that she's wearing a guys jacket:

If Disney Princesses sang their true feelings:

Girl who pretends to sing in her sleep to impress every one:

Zachary Piona

Instagram: @zachpiona

Twitter: @zachpiona


The random guy at parties:

Stay at home mom is a secret drug addict:

Nick Colletti

Instagram: @nick_colletti

Twitter: @nick_colletti


Love the Nickelback version:

Josh Ovalle

Instagram: @filmquaker

Twitter: @jjoshkennedyy


Only the coolest can get it:



Instagram: bathsmusic

Twitter: @Bathsmusic

here he comes:

Manuel Riguez IV aka @MovieManny

Instagram: @moviemanny

Twitter: @moviemanny


flattened him like a damn pancake:

he's cool:

High school movie character intros:


Sarah Schauer

Instagram: @SarahSchauer_

Twitter: @SJSchauer


My cousin saw a troubling article online:

I hated waitressing part 2:

I hate waitressing part 7:

I hate waitressing part 4:

delete I hate waitressing:

Rent a drunk bathroom girl:

Parker Kit Hill

Instagram: @ParkerKitHill

Twitter: @ParkerKitHill


new shoes!!!!!

i am a witch:


i died at the end of this


when someone sends you an e-mail :)

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