The Undeniable Struggles of Packing and Moving Back to College

It's that time of year again! School is starting, you're buying books (hopefully) and it's time to pack up all your stuff and drag it all to your dorm. As a procrastinator, this is especially stressful for me. I know it's my fault, but it's still annoying to have to move all of those things into your room, am I right? These are the undeniable struggles of moving back to college.

1. You told yourself a month ago that you should start packing for school, but deep down inside, you know it's not going to happen.

2. Now it's a week before move-in day, and you are mildly freaking out.

3. It's the night before you move back, and you're screaming internally.

4. You start ripping your closet and drawers apart, hoping you don't forget to pack your favorite shirt.

5. Trying to pack all of your items in your car can become a little bit of a mess, but somehow you manage to fit it all in.

6. As soon as you get to school you realize how much work it's actually going to take to move everything into your room.

7. Dragging everything up a few flights of stairs is slowly killing you inside as you try to catch your breath.

8. Finally, everything is in! But you have to unpack it all and you're a little sad inside.

9. You tell yourself that you're going to be completely unpacked by the time the day is over, but a week has gone by and you're living out of the totes you packed your clothes in.

If you're a procrastinator too, hopefully this will really relate to you. Happy move-in everybody!

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