Welcome To Uncuffing Season, The Time To Embrace Your Singleness And Live It Up With Friends
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Welcome To Uncuffing Season, The Time To Embrace Your Singleness And Live It Up With Friends

Bye Bye Boys...

Welcome To Uncuffing Season, The Time To Embrace Your Singleness And Live It Up With Friends
Lauren Elizabeth Fenrick

It’s officially here ladies and gents, the famous “uncuffing season.” Ladies, please remember how much you spent on that makeup on your face so don’t waste tears on that! Christmas, NYE, and Valentines have all passed, so why do you need that boy anymore anyways? But for some of us it has been a while since we’ve been single, but for the other half, we know how to live it up single. So here is how you and your friends can survive the uncuffing season,

1. Go Out

The weather is finally coming around so get all dressed up in your favorite summer clothes and go out with your friends and have a good time. Go out for dinner, go shopping, go dancing, just go out and do something!

2. Trips

School is almost over, we are more than half way through the semester, so start planning a summer road trip or vacation with your girls. You can plan a simple weekend getaway to a different city or a month road trip exploring the country.

3. Music Festivals & Concerts

Music festival season is upon us! Go get your glitter and bandanas and just splurge on that ticket. What do you have to lose? Get a group together and go to Coachella, Lollapalooza, Firefly, or one of the millions of music festivals this summer has to offer.

4. Beach or pool day

You don’t need to live on a coast to go to the beach. Just find a nearby lake to go to, I promise just google beaches near me and you will find one. And if not, find a friend or a family member will a pool and just live there this summer. Also, you can get tan while doing it, so I don’t see how you can lose.

5. Get a job

I know this isn’t the most fun thing out there, but it keeps you distracted, you meet new people, and you have an income to afford everything you choose to do, and more. And when your friends are out doing their own thing it gives you something to do other than sit around.

6. Take the opportunity to glow up before cuffing season comes around

Hit the gym, get a tan, dye your hair, change your diet, do whatever makes you feel better. If you want to cut your hair, do it, who’s stopping you? If you want to get a tanning membership, no one is standing in your way. Change your style if you want, you can literally do ANYTHING. Just be sure to be glow up before that next boy comes around to make that other boy jealous.

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