New Year's are a great way to change aspects of your life that you aren't thrilled with. Many people plan to work out more, sign up for a gym membership, go the first week and then realize they hate working out and never go back.

They tend to give up on making New Year's resolutions, but a resolution doesn't have to be strictly to eat better and lose weight. Resolutions can be a various assortment of things.

If you're struggling to come up with one, I came up with a few unconventional resolutions for this year:

Complain less

I'm really bad with this. I complain about the stupidest little things, but instead of complaining this year, work to change what you tend to complain about and speak up if something's bothering you.

Drink more water

Literally the easiest resolution with many benefits for your health and skin care!

Go to more concerts

There's nothing quite like seeing a band perform live, even if it's a free concert and you don't know the band, you might find a new type of genre to listen to

Road trip more

I'm not saying take a week long road trip (totally should if you have the spare time) but make a plans to road trip for certain weekends with some friends to explore new places.

Apologize less

Stop apologizing for stupid things. Don't apologize for just being yourself and don't let people force you in a position where you think you're the problem.

Treat yourself more

You can splurge for spend $200 on a shopping spree or simply take yourself out for ice cream once a week. Just does something for yourself often.

Be more organized

Buy yourself a planner and write down your social plans. Don't use this planner for homework, make this separate so you can see how many times you actually go out for yourself.