11 Things I've Learned From The UNC Meme Page On Facebook

11 Ways The UNC Meme Page On Facebook Can Actually Teach A Few Things And Has Enlightened Me

Because memes are definitely the greatest news source there is.

Melanie Irizarry

Carol Folt's $4.25B Memorial Meme Stash (UNC) is UNC's largest meme community, clocking in at above 14,000 members. However, the page is good for more than laughs: through my time scrolling Facebook, I've learned some pretty real life stuff because of this meme page. Here's 11 thing I've learned about through this glorious Facebook group.

1. Phillips flooded.

Meredith Norman

Phillips, I'll never let you go.

2. Weeknight parking passes are going to be a thing.

Harrison Liu

RIP to the free, convenient weeknight parking.

3. What pollen actually looks like!!!

Ryan Chan

Who knew?

4. This red ball that was moving around campus

Madelyn Smith

Why see it first in real life when you can see it in a meme first?

5. Duke's research scandal

Maddie Carney

The devil is a lie and so is Dook.

6. Carol Folt going to USC!

Tanner Fadero

Aunt Becky scandal > racist statue scandal ????

7. Bell Tower Climb fast pass/caste system

Julia Gallagher

Hark the Sound.

8. Senior bar golf???

Olivia Park

So Senior Bar Golf is totally a thing that I had just never heard of before — you guessed it — I saw it on the meme page.

9. The spider statue.

Peggy Mullin

What better way is there to learn that UNC's been raided by spiders?

None. There are none.

10. Cherie Berry is retiring :(

Nathan Collier

And now there is an elevator-shaped void in all of our hearts, and a Cherie-shaped void in all of our elevators.

11. Love is ALIVE at UNC

Corbin Jones

And in this case, it comes in the form of an 8-legged beauty.

All photos used with permission. I hope you learned something new, and maybe had a good laugh at the same time.

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