The Ultimate Guide To Christmas In Boston
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The Ultimate Guide To Christmas In Boston

Get out of the Harvard Bubble and spread some holiday cheer!

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas In Boston
Muzi Chevy MA

In a beautiful New England city like Boston, there's an endless amount of ways to experience Christmas cheer. Because I had no finals, I left before Reading Period and have had to live with the FOMO of watching everyone on my Instagram feed make the excursion into Boston from Cambridge and do cute Christmas things. While I now have a big to-do list for next holiday season, try to take a break in between studying for finals and packing to go home and check out some of these holiday spots around the city!

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall area is arguably the most festive destination in Boston. With the biggest Christmas tree on the East Coast (yes, bigger than Rockefeller Plaza's), a holiday light and sound show multiple times every night, and a never-ending stream of performers, this place has everything. While you're there, you can get some holiday shopping done at the popular stores throughout the marketplace and you can warm up with some traditional Boston chowda inside the Quincy Market.

Boston Common and Frog Pond

As the site of the city of Boston's official Christmas tree, the Boston Common should definitely be on your list. Every year, the people of Novia Scotia give a beautiful tree to the people of Boston that stays lit in the Common throughout the season. After you check out the tree, head on over to the Boston Common Frog Pond to do some ice skating (and make up for the unseasonably warm winter weather so far.) You can skate under the lit-up trees and enjoy the Tuesday night college student discount!

Downtown Crossing

If you're not sick of Christmas trees yet, head down a couple of stops on the Red Line from Harvard and check out the Downtown Crossing area. Macy's is its center point (what store says Christmas better than Macy's?) and the store boasts another huge tree in the city. After you get some holiday shopping done at the beloved department store, check out the pop-up holiday market across the street for some cute crafts and gifts and maybe head over to the newly opened Primark to buy a little gift for yourself.

Newbury Street

While it may not be the most festive site in Boston, no visit to the city is complete without a stop along Newbury. You can stroll down the street filled with class brownstone buildings and check off the last minute gifts off your list. While you're at it, you can stop by Boston's Georgetown Cupcakes location and get some holiday themed (and arguably best in the world) cupcakes.

Holiday Entertainment

There's literally an endless amount of options for holiday entertainment in the Boston area. The Holiday Pops show by the Boston Symphony Orchestra is a beloved tradition in the city, along with musicals like Elf and the famous Nutcracker by the Boston Ballet.

If all else fails and you're too lazy to leave Cambridge (like most of us,) there's nothing wrong with picking up a peppermint mocha from the Harvard Square Starbucks, lighting a Christmas scented candle, and enjoying the comfort of your dorm. Happy Holidays!

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