7 Moments To Catch Up On From The Premiere Of 'The Bachelorette' If You Missed It
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7 Moments To Catch Up On From The Premiere Of 'The Bachelorette' If You Missed It

"You've just blown up "The Bachelorette"..." -Chris Harrison

Clare Crawley

"The Bachelorette" is back!! With a ...whole...lot...of...changes. No travel. No Mondays. No Bachelor Mansion. Nonetheless, this season is certain to be a good one. After tonight's two-hour premiere episode, there are quite a few thoughts, theories, and major takeaways buzzing around.


Clare and Dale


First and foremost, let's address Clare's instant connection with Dale Moss. The 32-year-old football player from South Dakota instantly stunned Clare from the second he stepped out of the limo.

As he walked away from her, the first thing she said to Chris, "I think I just met my husband!" So, did she? Of course, he earned the first impression rose! Rumor has it they end up together and her season abruptly ends with the two of them living happily ever after.

They clearly had some chemistry together, and there's no doubt it will continue throughout the show.

The return of the salmon jacket

Salmon Jacket


The men from Hannah B's season were some real trendsetters because the salmon jacket is back. Eazy, a sports marketing agent from California, stepped out of the limo sporting the trendy suit, and my only question is...will it be passed around throughout the cast this season like it was for Hannah B's?

Aaaand the first kiss goes to Blake!

Blake and Clare


What a sweetie! I think he has the potential to go pretty far and become a fan favorite. Plus, he reached out to her before the show to check in during quarantine! Even though Clare set it straight that it was "against the rules," she really appreciated the gesture and we will probably be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Tyler C. versus Yosef

The second Tyler C. pulled Yosef aside to address the fact that he knew Yosef had been dm'ing girls on Instagram, my reaction was "I smell a 2 on 1 in the making!" but that quickly ended when Tyler C. was sent home. See ya in Paradise! He clearly doesn't have the same charm as another Tyler C. Bachelor Nation knows and loves…

The. Dogs.

After a long hard day, sometimes you just need to hug a dog to make everything better. Clare's dogs are on set and the one clearly stole the show tonight. Maybe her dogs will act as her support system throughout the journey. Step aside, Chris Harrison, the doggos got it from here.


Rolls Royce


I don't think he will be sticking around too long. He didn't get too much airtime tonight, but after watching seasons and seasons of this show, it gets easier and easier to tell who will be around longer than others. Clare knows what she wants, she's not messing around and Bennett will be driving his fancy Rolls Royce back to New York soon enough.

Predicted fan favorites

While eating Pillsbury pumpkin cookies and discussing some fast favorites with my friends after the show, we are all in agreement that Brandon, Chasen, and Blake M. will stick around the longest. Just look at them! Or, they'll at least become fan favorites that we will be seein' in Paradise. We also loved Mike, a digital media advisor from Canada, but he got the boot during the rose ceremony.

This season is going to be an interesting one! When will it transition into Tayshia? Will there be any other girls involved? What about the cast of men? We just have to wait and see. Tonight was just a little taste into what the next few months will look like for Bachelor Nation.

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